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Why Google Analytics 4 Ramps Up the Power of SEO Data

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Are you using the new Google Analytics tool and what are the benefits you have noted?

Google Analytics 4 is currently available. Google hails the new data as the way forward for analytics. The new Analytics 4 builds on the app released last year. It takes things further by expanding and rebuilding on the previous year’s app.

New features

There are several new features on Google Analytics 4 to help both developers and marketers.

  • Tracking across all devices
  • Greater granular data controls, which enables you to examine brand performance in greater depth
  • AI-powered insights to allow users to spot trends online and take advantage of them
  • Alerts for marketers, so they are alerted to product demands


Now users have the ability to integrate visitors across both the webpage and the app. The new feature helps avoid redundancy when it comes to advertising. The new Google Analytics 4 also reports on YouTube engagement both through the web and app.


There are some key changes between 4 and Universal Analytics. One outstanding change is in the way reports are organised. Reports now allow you to see which channels drive new customers. Try  it. You can view customers’ actions while on your site. The more in-depth reports are designed to help marketers better understand their customer base and therefore grow their business.

Easier codeless feature

A codeless event tracker provides marketers with an easier way to track what is going on with their page or app. Check on things such as video playback and page scroll without the need for code. Being able to stay on top of the way your pages respond helps you keep customers happy.

Goodbye Cookies

As third-party cookies are being phased out, it stands to reason that there will be gaps in the information marketers receive. Machine learning will be used to fill in the gaps. Rather than focusing on the analytical side of things, the focus will be centred more on the behavioural side.

The result of the new Google Analytics 4 is a better view of the customer. The more complete view allows you to tailor your site, app, and their performance to cater to the customers’ wants and needs. You can take advantage of predictive information to spot trends and get on them before they begin to wane.

Universal Analytics will still be available. However, GA4 will become the default. Also, new features will focus on GA4. Google recommends that site owners install both and run them together.