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Enterprise Link Building 101 for you

In business, the old adage sticks true: size matters. Be it a large multi-national corporation or a small start- up business, the link building marketing strategies and activities used would differ according to the budget constraints on resources. Bigger firms definitely are better known and have more marketing budget while smaller firms have more flexibility and a faster response time.


Link Building Campaigns: What are they?

By looking at the advantages of both big and small firms, we can further leverage these advantages while planning for an enterprise link-building campaign. What is a link-building campaign? It is any campaign that allows business to reach out to their customers and build links with them. Each link-building campaign should be targeted to and customized for specific users to ensure its success. On top of that, what are some points to watch out for to ensure that these campaigns are successful?


5 points to note

  1. Consistent campaign promotion and messaging
    When building a link with your audience, you want to make sure that content being pushed out is consistent. If you are a clothes company, your audience follows you because they are interested in your latest fashion. To continually engage your audience, your message should not deviate too much from what your core business aims to offer.
  2. Specific Information
    When communicating to audiences, make sure that content is crafted specifically to everyone. Society now consumes bite-sized information, meaning that information that has been curated for them, not a whole chunk of information which they will need to read and make sense of. So again assuming the clothes company, you can rotate difference pieces and write about them separately instead of having them in the same article, which would become very long.
  3. Leverage brand names
    If your company has partnership and ties out to a more popular brand, headline your articles with those names, as people will tend to recognize and associate your brand with theirs. Your fashion store might have a bigger and more popular parent brand such as Levis, which you can use to get your business’s name out to the masses for brand association and recognition. This helps your business to build relationship links at a faster rate as well!
  4. Work with influencers
    See someone online who is the perfect fit for your brand and has a big following on social media? That is opportunity to explore a partnership right there. It does not have to be an individual, businesses can work with a wide range of websites, bloggers or groups, which best represent their brand, all to increase awareness and sales.
  5. Leverage business client and partners
    All businesses work with other firms and getting a mention on that page should not be too hard in a reciprocal capacity. Having a mention on such a company website, with which your firm does volunteer work or corporate work, would be great as well.

I will help you build a link building strategy for your brand by finding your key influencers and getting you connected with fresh audiences.