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Influencer marketing benefits that beauty brands cannot ignore

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Many brands cannot match the advertising clout from big companies that spend billions on their advertising campaigns. However, there are ways you can get your brand promos noticed through wonderful influencer marketing benefits.

One such method is an influencer promotion campaign.

It’s a sure-fire way to tap into fresh audiences and gain brand recognition. You could also invest in services and tools that ease how your brand connects with the top influencers in any niche.

For example, the Beauty niche marketing forum is dominated by Instagram and Facebook bloggers with followers in the millions. This is of use to the brands with lower influencer marketing budgets as these influencers charge much less than a PR service for posting your promo to millions of loyal followers interested in beauty products.

With an exception: celebrity bloggers will charge fortunes.


These will be the most influential influencers but not all brands can afford their likely high priced marketing services. Not only the most-followed people on Instagram, these sisters carry the influence that brands in the beauty and healthcare industry crave for, as they get followed by millions daily.

Kim and Kylie are no make-up artists and each have their own dedicated team of professionals to work on their faces and skin around the clock, but now have their own beauty brands.

Kylie claimed to have earned a billion dollars from her brand, but that has since been found to be untrue. However, it’s not far off.

Even though their bodies and faces are thanks to plastic surgery, a lot of people want to look like them and will do anything and buy anything in order for that to happen.

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80% of professionals in fashion, luxury and beauty activated campaigns with Influencers – almost 76% obtaining better sales thanks to their collaborations with these digital creators.

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Influencers have taken the marketing strategy online and invited a way to connect brands with millions of people instantly much like we expected from beauty magazines – but who depends on those in a social driven world? A blogger with a huge following can approach a brand in the blog’s niche and offer to post a review for the brand. It’s the simplest approach.

The brand needs fresh audiences, the influencer blogger can deliver.

Influencers engage with targeted buyers and foster a authentic relationship with customers. This creates a valued title called brand ambassador as the blogger is both a customer and a strong marketing device able to voice all aspects of a brand to millions of followers from your latest promos to new features of a product and offer demos – and all for a lot less than a PR agency will require.

Though this is not solely about the top bloggers able to charge celebrity level prices for marketing brands.

Welcome to the micro-influencer

In the Beauty niche, there are literally hordes of Mummy blogs where reviews of makeup, testing of skincare, and social chats on Instagram along with high quality photos of a product go out every hour by the tens of millions. These are the influencers that can broadcast a brand but without the high price tag, having around 100k followers.

These micro influencers take so many products on a weekly basis that many have made it their full time job to manage their blog. And why not? One product review can pay from £200 to £2000! A price that fits the smaller budgets and allows the competing brands to gain space in the incredibly competitive beauty industry.

Salford make-up artist MMMMitchell appeared in a Jeffree Star video and earned 100,000 Instagram followers overnight says: “I’ve been approached by more and more companies to collaborate with them. The more followers you get the more doors it opens and that gives me more incentive to grow my followers. I work really hard to build up trust with my followers.”

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