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Social Bookmarking Sites as a Useful Tool for Digital Marketing

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Social bookmarking sites have grown in popularity in recent years. They are online resources that allow you to find and organize resources on the internet effortlessly. With social bookmarking sites, you can save your bookmarks onto a cloud-based server, which you’ll be able to access from anywhere in the world. 

Users can register on a social bookmarking site and generate bookmarks that can be tagged under different categories. Apart from being a great tool for users, it is also a very useful tool for marketers who want to promote valuable content and create awareness for their brand.

As an Off-page SEO strategy, social bookmarking is very useful because it provides a means of winning free quality backlinks with a massive targeted audience. You get a chance to gain more traffic and at the same time promote your brand. This is why it is regarded as one of the proven methods of doing digital marketing and SEO.

Social Bookmarking sites have high PR as a result of their huge traffic. They provide the best platform for doing relevant searches. When users do a search, high PR sites usually come up at the top of Google SERPs. When users click on these sites to get the information they searched for, it presents an opportunity of traffic to your website or blog post.

Social Bookmarking Site Benefits

Usually, you would follow up on your On-Page Optimization with Off-Page SEO. But how do you kick off your Off-Page Optimization? Social Bookmarking is the way to go. If you are a beginner to SEO, knowing how to index your blog or website in search engines is very important.

Do not forget to include image bookmarking sites and here is a list to add to your monthly marketing.

With social bookmarking, you can index your blogs or website in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and all other search engines. This is a strategy that is hugely beneficial to promotion, branding, and blog posts or website indexing.

Check out this list of free social bookmarking sites in 2020 below. They are high DA (Domain Authority) sites which can be very useful.

List Of High PR Social Bookmarking Sites 







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