September 28, 2017

Types of Link Building

The link strategy offers the meaty side of marketing by connecting your brand with top influencers.

Guest Posting is the strategy and continues to serve the exposure needs of today’s business growth. Expect this form of link building called Digital PR and Blogger Outreach to dominate the link building tactics you need to action.

In a nutshell: pitching editors to add your articles, add your link to an existing article, adding your link to a resource list e.g. useful links pages.

Guest posts are articles providing news or tips or reviews for posting to a high authority site. This method is the main approach to:

  • Connect with fresh audiences quickly
  • Connect with the best influencers in your niche
  • Find new sales funnels for your campaigns
  • More targeted and influential than a PPC campaign as the traffic is very targeted

So articles will need to be written of a quality suitable for the blog being pitched.

Editors may prefer jus adding your link to Resource lists. These are popular pages across the web and show up as Useful Links and Round Up Lists.

If you can provide the content, that will allow a focus on your link building though do ask for help writing the content if you lack in-house staff writers.


Results Driven
You will receive a full report in an excel shared document showing the sites targeted for links.
Each entry shows the contact name, date of pitch, and the live link created.
At the outset, we agree to the expected number of monthly links as per your KPIs.

CallĀ 02921690046 and ask for Steve.