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Why HTML5 is the Leader in Mobile Development

html 5


Thousands of apps appear on many sites every day. The larger focus and drive to maintain compatibility is in the feature rich tools offered by HTML5 to develop applications for both business and entertainment.


HTML5 tools offer developers a range of flexibility across script writing and UI development. The main cross-platform tools including Apache Cordova make extensive use of HTML5. Apart from desktop applications, HTML5 will carve out a strong place in the mobile development market and here are the reasons.


1. The functionality of HTML5 progresses fast. HTML5 develops applications on par with Android and iOS and allows developers to create web apps capable of performing complex business functions. Amazon supports developers by allowing HTML5 application downloads at a price and not just for free.  The Chrome store fills up with HTML5 web apps offering add-on features due to the extended functionality of HTML5.


2. The cross-platform compatible ability of HTML5 apps adds a shine to development projects. Developers can target various platforms and not just one as the app will run on Android, iOS, and on Windows phones. The developer only needs to code one version of the application. Since all the devices support HTML5, applications developed using the kit will be available to all phones.


3. HTML5 is cost effective for businesses. HTML5 coders are so ubiquitous; plenty to choose from if you need one fast for a project. HTML5 continues as the tool of choice for most programmers. Why? It offers a low cost entry, full mobile compatibility, cleaner code and more functionality to build robust web applications. So, there will be boatloads of HTML5 programmers available at affordable rates. Developers can complete a HTML5 project quickly due to its simple user-friendly interface.


As HTML5 continues to boost productivity by completing projects in less time as compared to iPhone projects, the popularity of HTML5 will rise as more useful applications take their place in this growing market.