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What some top digital PR agency services foresee for 2021

The picture above is a healthy reminder to all marketers of the crossover between PR and digital marketing. And boy has it transformed in recent years for all digital PR agency projects. The line between PR conventionally and digital is pretty much gone as one bounces off the other in a world dominated ny influencers, celebrity and non-celebrity.

What does this ever growing strategy likely to yield in 2021?

I looked at and curated 3 sources on tips, predictions and the continued importance for brands to recognise the crossover and the crucial influencer outreach strategies that all successful brands now use.

Digital marketing predictions for 2021 and beyond

2020 has well and truly been an ‘unprecedented’ year, and with Brexit underway and vaccines on the horizon, next year is likely to be a chaotic one too.

Through all the uncertainty, some key trends have emerged over the last 12 months that we expect will shape the face of digital in 2021 and beyond.

21 influencers share top tips for 2021 digital marketing

As we prepare to enter a new year, we all wonder what lies ahead.

2020 was anything but predictable. But what can we learn and apply to our digital marketing and communications strategies in 2021?

Here’s how 21 influencers answer this question: What one piece of marketing advice would you offer to brands as we head into the new year?

Why Digital PR is Important in 2021

Digital PR is the best way to build your brand’s online presence. 2020 has seen more and more people turning to online shopping during the pandemic and we don’t see this dropping anytime soon. Now more than ever, it is crucial to have a strong online visibility.


Digital PR may mean more work to put into developing a content strategy but in return it will improve your online presence and enhance other aspects of your digital marketing plan. The work carried out will lead to visibility in new places by reaching your target customers in the online newspapers they read, the websites they visit, the podcasts they listen to and the social media platforms they scroll through. It is also carries great potential to reach new customers you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

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