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The Top 5 Facebook Marketing Tricks That Work

Facebook marketing tricks

Facebook marketing tricks

The power of Facebook Marketing in helping a brand gain an audience cannot be ignored. Even as Mark Zuckerberg faces Congress on the proliferation of data and ease of access, the Facebook machine shines as a pure marketing tool now used by millions of firms.

The personal touch adds a trust element that enables you to know your seller, and get to know your seller well. While eBay’s reviews really help, on Facebook, a buyer gets to know you and can delve into your history and friends and pages if needed.

This turns Facebook into a powerful way to market your products.

Let’s go over some of StoreYa’s ideas on Facebook marketing tricks.


1. Quality Over Quantity

Did you know that every 60 seconds there are 317,000 status updates and 54,000 shared links uploaded to Facebook? And that’s just updates and links!

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That’s a bucket-load of content being uploaded every minute. To stand out from content noise, you should be concentrating on quality over quantity. It’s not frequency that’s going to increase your reach; quite the opposite, actually. With new newsfeed updates it’s even more important to create high-value quality content. Content that is segmented to smaller niches improves the likelihood that your ads are relevant to potential shoppers and thus increasing your chances of interactions. The same thing can be said for your organic content; which brings us to tip #2.

2. Quick Facebook Page Promotion Tip

Planning on running an ad to promote your Facebook page? When you create these campaigns, it will automatically set the text and description as per your page settings. Instead, to improve your response for each segmented market, you can customize the heading by clicking Advanced options and using the text block to adjust headings.

3. Integrate Your Facebook Strategies

Whether you’re creating a PPC ad or Facebook page content, your objective should be the same: providing highly relevant content that your potential customers want to engage with. Sure your objective may be different, with PPC ads driving traffic to your store and page posts used to keep followers entertained or informed, but for results for each you want to ensure you’re creating awesome, interesting content.

Which is why it is so important to integrate your organic and paid Facebook strategies, to ensure you’re providing good content that is equally inline with the voice of your brand. There is a big chance your potential shoppers will encounter your brand through organic and paid social posts and therefore any conflict in your messaging can result in mixed messaging, ultimately undermining your marketing efforts and your ROI.

Sprout Social have an awesome webinar on how to integrate organic and paid Facebook strategies to get you started! You can view it here:  5 Best Practices for Integrating Organic and Paid Social Media Strategies.

Pro Tip:

When planning your Facebook page’s ‘organic’ content, remember the 80:20 rule. You want to make sure that only 20% of your content is hard-sell promotional, while the remaining 80% is fun, inspiring, educational, high-value articles, and any other non-sale content. Just because your text isn’t over-sell, doesn’t mean you are not building your loyal customer base. Look at the below example – are they telling you, “BUY NOW”?

good example of facebook product posts

4. Go Live

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last two years, you probably already know just how important video content is to Facebook marketing. One of the best video content reach you can get is with Facebook’s live video. According to Livestream stats, 82% of brand audiences prefer live video over any other form of social media posts.

If you’re waiting to be able to shoot ‘good quality video,’ you’re missing out on huge reach potential. Like we have said time and time again, you don’t need video to be professionally shot for it to be effective, even more the case with Facebook Live. Use live video to reveal a new product or promotion, to give tips in your niche or show behind-the-scenes teasers for upcoming lines.

Don’t take our word for it, just as marketing genius Gary V who is constantly crushing – if you’ll excuse the pun – his Facebook live content.


5. Quick Tip to Increase Reach? Get Tagging

Want to maximize your organic reach? Try your hand at tagging your fans when you are sharing UGC or tag partner businesses, publications or Facebook pages you’re working with.



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