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How to Adopt Digital PR as Your Number One Marketing Campaign

Nowadays, a lot of websites and companies jostle for the number one spot on Google rankings. So businesses must do everything within their power to get a listing on the front page of the SERPs.  In today’s digital world, the importance of digital Public Relations (digital PR) cannot be overemphasized and for your business to succeed, it should be your top marketing campaign. 

Why Digital PR?

All PR campaigns have one main goal; to create awareness about a particular company, person, or brand, by sharing important information with the public. At one time, most PR campaigns were done through television, radio, and journalism. But, these days, digital PR is the vital tool you need to draw the attention of the online community to your company.

Digital PR uses high-quality backlinks, which are tactically positioned on specific online publications and websites, to attract prospective customers to your site. If they are done properly, backlinks can boost the SEO of your website.

Digital PR Connects Brands

One sure way of increasing revenues on all sides is for brands to connect and work together. The success of a digital PR campaign is underpinned by the ease with which it introduces new clienteles to websites or brands they would not have discovered otherwise. 

The right strategy is to position your backlinks on websites with a common interest or with visitors of the same demographic as your site. When prospective customers find the backlinks on a website they are already familiar with, the chances are high that they’ll click on the link and visit your website.

Common Strategies for Digital PR

The first thing you need to do at the start of a digital PR campaign is to know who your audience is. Once that is figured out, you’ll know where to place your backlinks for maximum effect. Here are some strategies you need to have at your fingertips;

SEO Articles

Publish high-quality articles on websites where your prospective customers can easily see and read them. This is the same strategy used by a lot of successful companies.


Virtually every social media niche has its own group of popular influencers. One surefire way of ensuring the success of your digital PR campaign is to connect with relevant influencers in the same niche as your brand. When an influencer makes a comment about your brand and products to their teeming followers, you are sure to see a boost in traffic to your website.

Press Releases

Nowadays, an increasing number of people get their news from online sources. If you are about to launch a new service or product, publish an informative press release with a backlink to your site.


Bloggers are really important in today’s online world. Therefore, to create awareness about your company, you should strongly consider working with a popular blogger. In exchange for a review or post, give the blogger some of your products or promotional items. The blogger’s review or post should contain backlinks to your site.

Some companies prefer to set up an affiliate program where the blogger gets an agreed commission for successfully referring a new customer to them. With this strategy, the blogger is encouraged to post information about your brand regularly.

Digital PR Campaign Benefits

An effective digital PR campaign can help improve your business in several ways. These are some of the regularly reported benefits;

Improved Traffic

Once your campaign becomes active, you should start noticing a boost in your website traffic. Some visits will not result in a sale, but your brand will be on the visitor’s radar, and they can always visit in the future to buy your product or service.

Improved Google Rankings

The goal of every company is to be at the top of Google search results. With a digital PR campaign, your site’s SEO, as well as your search engine rankings, will be greatly improved.

Brand Awareness

With your backlinks on several websites, it will be easy for new customers to discover your brand, and your brand will be more noticeable online.

If you’re out to boost the website traffic and sales of your brand, you need to start a digital PR campaign immediately. In no time, you’ll notice a positive change in the fortunes of your company. Talk to me about how a digital PR plan will help your business.