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3 Reasons Patience is the Hallmark of any SEO Campaign

Allan Greene is an SEO expert who works with several digital content marketing agencies to educate potential clients around the realities of the industry.

“Good things come to those who wait,” so the saying and famous marketing campaign for a well-loved Irish alcoholic beverage goes. This is something that is definitely true of SEO. It doesn’t stop the vast number of SEO agencies out there, however, that despite algorithm updates such as Google Penguin and Google Panda, still advertising ridiculous promises like “REACH #1 FOR YOUR KEYWORDS IN ONE MONTH!”

Through No Fault of Their Own

Unfortunately, people see such grandiose statements, and if they know little about SEO they then believe this is actually possible. As a result, reputable SEO agencies around the world are constantly faced with enquiries from potential clients who want instant results. These SEO agencies are actually LOSING these potential clients because they can’t fulfill their expectations. The irony, of course, is that none of this is their fault, but because they have to explain the realities of SEO to potential clients who are, up to now, misinformed about the industry, they immediately look like a sub-standard partner.

Be clear on this; if an SEO company is making huge statements like the one above, the chances are that they’ll take your money, run, and you’ll be left picking up the pieces. Never be tempted by such offers, and keep these three reasons why patience is key at the forefront of your mind.

Search Engines Exist for Users

Google, Bing, Ask, or any other search engine doesn’t exist for the purposes of promoting excellent websites. That is a consequence of them meeting their primary objective, which is to provide the best possible services to their users.

What would Google’s brand reputation be if the first three pages of their search results were low quality, spam-based websites 80% of the time. It is this what drives algorithm changes and other activities. Google doesn’t care about your website; they ARE, however, concerned about online user experience. Prove that you can deliver that, and Google will give you the rub you’re looking for.

Everyone’s Doing It

SEO isn’t the secret that it was ten, or perhaps even as recently as five, years ago. Even novice website owners have some knowledge of the industry and they are taking steps to optimize their website. Unless your business is in an obscure niche without much in the way of competition, SEO success is always going to be a longer-term goal rather than a quick win.

That’s Life

This isn’t the most technical of reasons, in all honesty, but it’s the one that seems to be forgotten the most. A well crafted SEO Campaign can do amazing things to people. It makes logical, sensible businesspeople, who know that building a brand and a reputation takes time; think that something can be achieved overnight.

The reality is that SEO is not some get rich quick scheme for your website; like anything else in life, you’re only going to get real and sustained results if you put the requisite effort in over a lengthy period.

Patience is the Key

SEO success might take weeks, months, or perhaps even years, depending on how much time, money, and effort you can put into a campaign, and how your strategy and actions compares to those of your competitors.

Without patience, your SEO campaign isn’t going anywhere. Be realistic with what you can achieve, and you’ll find SEO comes much easier, and you’ll enjoy a more productive relationship with anyone carrying out SEO work on your behalf.