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Content Marketing Plans for SEO – What To Expect

You’ll know that with the recent Google updates many online businesses are suffering. Rankings have dropped and competition is fiercer than it’s ever been. Big companies such as John Lewis have the capital to invest in great content marketing to keep themselves at the top of the search engines and to bring new customers flooding in. Small and

Small and medium sized businesses aren’t so fortunate.

That’s why I’ve put together a killer marketing and SEO package, to get you back on top or if you’re already there to give you a massive boost. You’ll increase conversions, your reputation and find yourself infamous over the web, while investing in content that will never go out of fashion, no matter how many Google updates are thrown at me.

Please read more to find out how you can compete with the big brands for less, and WIN!

White Hat Techniques only!

I’m a digital marketer, in that I have many contacts and I create marketing campaigns that give you a very big initial boost and maintain the momentum.
I believe that a good kick-starter should include:
Guest Posts (on reputable sites, including backlinks and increasing your SEO)
Articles spread across eZine sites to bring in people from new areas
On site blogs and content, updated regularly
Press Releases
Good Backlinks
A good presence on reputable sites, banner/ads