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Influencer Marketing for the RECRUITMENT AGENCY Industries

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Why Your Recruitment Agency Needs An Influencer Marketing Approach

Influencer marketing is your number one strategy as the recruitment industry is dominated with bloggers serving their dedicated followers in the millions. This approach connects your agency with these top bloggers able to shout out about your products and services to their job seekers seeking new careers. This means that for lower costs than a managed Facebook PPC campaign with most services, you can pay for engagement from those followers, loyal to the bloggers through a series of posts and ads you control. 

No big budgets required to run this campaign, it’s one fee.

This makes social posts and ads your better influencer marketing tool in your digital marketing toolkit.

When it comes to recruitment, campaigns managed on Facebook and LinkedIn prove to reach effective ways of bringing job candidates to employers. Facebook is used by 1000s of job seekers daily to find the next role, job fair, employer openings, and training. Facebook groups and pages in particular can attract a mass audience of job seekers. LinkedIn also offers a platform ready-made to connect employers and candidates.

At present, I offer a service that is dedicated to the Swansea area and employers and job seekers within. You can view the Swansea Jobs Facebook page

For only £59, no contract, no subscription, a complete PAYG service, your ads will reach a targeted audience of 1000s of job seekers in South Wales seeking work in Swansea and surrounding areas. Within the service, this is focused on one of the below influencer marketing strategies which is social mentions. This includes targeted ads, shares to job seeker groups and partnering with high follower count and  high engagement pages. The post shares and partnering within the fee includes outreach to partner with LinkedIn influencers in recruitment.

The impact of COVID on the industry is significant though employers are reacting with more flexible positions and either offering temporary remote working jobs or allowing employees to work remotely in a permanent role. Your ads if required will take this into account when posting job vacancy details as per the needs of the employer.


Why Should The Recruitment Industry Focus on Influencers? 

Influencer marketing combines the best aspects of content marketing, social media marketing and link building. This is how this is achieved.

* Guest Posts for pre-written article submissions that share useful recruitment advice for job seekers bringing you trust and I can write them for you,
* Sponsored guest posts written by myself or the blogger able to mention your agency benefits and share useful advice on job seeking,
* Articles for your blogs and optimised for keywords you specify for visitors to your agency page to enjoy useful guides on your site – and bring repeat visitors,
* Link Insertions into existing live posts which offer top advice to employers and job applicants,
* Service reviews for receiving a free trial of a offer you promote,
* Infographic design and placement on a blog which can highlight quick guides on finding work, resume optimisation,
* Social mentions of your latest offer to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Reddit.
* Extension to the social mentions by agreeing to a fixed period of time for the posts,
* Interviews covering questions on your business direction and latest products or services.
* Finding Brand ambassadors i.e. applicants and employers passionate about your service benefits and able to share more posts/reviews

I offer Pay Per Post options as well as Combined Packages so you gain from a combination of the above services. Each service gets your brand in front of new audiences already interested in products like yours. So, if you want more than a Facebook campaign, do ask about the above services and how I can connect you with top bloggers and media outlets.
For your Swansea area targeted job listings, the Facebook Ad service will bring the candidates your listing requires.

For a small fee of £59, you will gain targeted ads and post shares on the Swansea Jobs page,

1. Up to 3 JOB ADS posted to the page, and to South Wales jobs groups, scheduled for a date and time to suit you.
2. 1 of the ads is boosted to hit larger audiences according to target demographics we discuss e.g. type of role, location, salary.
3. Up to 3 JOB ADS can be posted so as to send applications to my page. I will forward any applicants to you either by email or phone.
4. Full reporting of the posts, shares and engagement.
5. Marketing related job vacancies will be added to my own jobs page for clients and shared from there to South Wales social groups on Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

Typical engagement rates per post – clickthroughs to the posted page links – range from 4% to 8% over 5 days when shared to the Swansea Jobs Facebook page, with no boosts or ads to achieve those click conversions.

Here is the Swansea Jobs Page link so you can browse over the feeds and posts.

Posts to the site are daily and include job updates, training sources, academic courses, and at present, extra attention to much needed key worker positions to be filled such as NHS staff. 

Every year, the page also helps the Swansea Jobs Fair get the event dates broadcast to local job seekers for free with post shares. 

Get in touch and I will start a campaign for your latest job vacancies and bring a cost-effective recruitment add-on service to your agency