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Influencer Marketing for the BEAUTY, SKINCARE, COSMETICS, HEALTHCARE Industries

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Why Your Brand Needs An Influencer Marketing Approach In The Beauty & Healthcare Industry

Influencer marketing is your number one strategy as the industry is dominated with bloggers serving their dedicated followers in the millions. This approach connects your brand with these top bloggers able to shout out about your products and services to their followers buying beauty and healthcare products weekly. This means that for lower costs than a PPC campaign you can pay for engagement from those followers, loyal to the bloggers. This makes influencer marketing a vital tool in your digital marketing toolkit.


Why Should The Beauty Industry Focus on Influencers?

Influencer marketing combines the best aspects of content marketing, social media marketing and link building. This is how this is achieved.

* Guest Posts for pre-written article submissions or I can write them for you,
* Sponsored guest posts written by myself or the blogger,
* Articles for your blogs and optimised for keywords you specify,
* Link Insertions into existing live posts,
* Product reviews for receiving a sample,
* Infographic design and placement on a blog,
* Social mentions of your brand promo to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Reddit.
* Extension to the social mentions by agreeing to a fixed period of time for the posts,
* Interviews covering questions on your business direction and latest products or services.
* Finding Brand ambassadors i.e. customers and bloggers passionate about your product benefits and able to share more posts/reviews

I offer Pay Per Post options as well as Combined Packages so you gain from a combination of the above services. Each service gets your brand in front of new audiences already interested in products like yours.

Get in touch and I will share a list of 200 top influencers worked with monthly able to carry out the above tasks.

Prices are not fixed. They will be worked to fit your budget.