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Influencer Marketing By Industry

Fashion influencers help 1000s of brands make mass sales daily by reviewing on their blogs

The Click For SEO Influencer Marketing services will help brands in any niche reach target top bloggers with strong follower counts and engagement rates. With so many industries that need the service, each product demands a tailored solution to make sure the product is paired with the most suitable influencer. 

What is your industry? Who is your target audience?

Just a small spilling of the questions you will be asked as a solution to get your products in front of converting audiences is created.

Receive a tailored social strategy for your industry from a dedicated influencer network.

A blogger network is available for the following niches:

Ask me about customised social media services for your brand

I will create a customised Influencer Marketing plan for the, 


FASHION industry,




FINANCE industry,



FASHION industry,

VIRTUAL REALITY services and products.



Influencer Marketing Services You Can Order,

  • Guest Posts for pre-written article submissions or I can write them for you,
  • Sponsored guest posts written by myself or the blogger,
  • Articles for your blogs and optimised for keywords you specify,
  • Link Insertions into existing live posts,
  • Product reviews for receiving a sample,
  • Infographic design and placement on a blog,
  • Social mentions of your latest brand promotions to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Reddit.
  • Extension to the social mentions by agreeing to a fixed period of time for the posts,
  • Interviews covering questions on your business direction and latest products or services.
  • Finding Brand ambassadors i.e. customers and bloggers passionate about your product benefits and able to share more posts/reviews.


**** You may order more articles for your blogs and guest posts at £0.05p per word. Each order includes 1 article.

*** Sorry, CPE plans (Cost Per Engagement) are not available. For this service, I recommend *

*** Do browse over the sites that interest you by requesting the Influencer List to gain a feel for the site content, audience, and social media influence. ***

*** By managing the services through me, you gain an account manager handling all content, communications and reporting tasks saving you time. ***

You pay the fees set by the bloggers. My prices per service per site are not marked up. If you want to see the influencer network list, contact me and ask for the document link. 

Do you need help choosing the better influencers?

** Do ask me to suggest sites for your type of business and save you time as your Account Manager **

** Perhaps you would like more sites to choose from and I can run your outreach campaigns. Request details on The Monthly Outreach and Digital PR Plan. **


Do I require payment upfront before I start the order?

** Payment for orders is upon approval of the content and sites for posts, and not upfront. **

** No payment from a PayPal invoice is sent before we choose the sites you want to order services from, outline the service requirements (article titles, product to review, interview questions, social accounts for shout outs) and get live dates from the bloggers.

** The final step before I request payment is confirmation of a live date for the work.

*** You can go direct to the bloggers or use my managed services and pay fee plus the blogger rates. I also provide the blogger contact details on request once an order is placed.

NOTE: Their fees may not be fixed and I always say to negotiate any fees demanded. Bear in mind that they are known to lower fees if able and raise their fees periodically. 

*** My managed services cover: contacting influencers in the lists here, Extended outreach to find more influencers, negotiate fees, write content, and obtain live posts.

Order 1 service – Fee is 40%, Order 2-4 services – Fee is 30%, Order 5+ services – Fee is 20%

A service can be a guest post, a link insertion, sponsored post, a product review post, a social mention, a hosted giveaway or an infographic design.

*** Get a discount of 10% of the order if you plan to create a mid to long-term campaign, and start a 3 month rolling contract.

A strong partner for you to find 1000s of social media influencers in any niche with thousands of followers – immediately!

I chose to become an affiliate for Shoutcart after trying a few shout outs for a home renovation brand. I like their ease of use and how quickly I can select influencers, communicate directly and get a social post out in a snap.

Why do I recommend Shoutcart? It is so unbelievably simple to find a trusted influencer to post your latest promos to Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook or TikTok. Or a combination of those.

The platform offers influencer packages so you can combine those offers. It may be useful to post to TikTok, Instagram and Facebook in one order if you manage a beauty or health brand for example to optimise for a strong reach.

You can get shoutouts from as little as $10, and packages from $50 on the Shoutcart platform.

Take Shoutcart for a spin and promote your brand to target audiences  

Contact me at for more details on the above services and to discuss your objectives.