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If you are not actively engaging with your target audience on social media networks, forums, YouTube and business directories, you are not competing today. Services shown below each link to the appropriate package to cover the tasks.
Copywriting & Content Writing

Content is king but only if the content is fit for a king. How punchy are your AdWords campaigns? Do you have crafted calls to action in your pages? Unique content for your blog. We can provide the copy that facilitates a sale.

Content Marketing

So, you have great content. Informative blog posts. Who reads it? We will use social media marketing to share your content with your target audience.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

On-Page optimisation i.e. ensuring your site page tags and text are Google optimised is still a huge part of the ranking equation. We will analyse your site and correct missing or non-optimised tags, code errors affecting search engine crawling, social media icons missing, and many more optimisation requirements.

Social Media Marketing

If you are not engaging with your audience on social networks – you are not competing. Businesses must make regular use of Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter at least to connect with the mass audience checking into social networks every minute.


Are you analysing traffic trends? Do you know which search terms are best for your site? Do you track conversions and from where? Just a touch on the myriad of areas needing constant analysis. We will use Google Analytics to keep up on metrics changes, your audience interests, landing page conversions, visitor trends and much more. Reports can be prepared in PDF.


No time to mess around with hard code. Do you need a flexible and simple yet powerful way to edit your site whenever needed? WordPress gives you a CMS with limitless possibilities. Using a WordPress site for SEO opens up fast ways to get optimised. We will install and set up your site as part of Click For Traffic.


Get laser targeted clicks from buying customers using the Pay-Per-Click systems on Google, Facebook and LinkedIn. Confused about CTR, what CPC is about, what keywords to bid on, costs versus ROI. Give us a call so we can demystify the PPC process and create a PPC package to promote your business.

About Click For SEO

Not just SEO, the whole digital marketing landscape from Content to Analytics to Outreach to Social Media Marketing.
Online marketing has changed rapidly and businesses must keep up with the latest strategies - or risk falling behind competitors permanently.
That is where we can help.

After 6 years in the industry, we have seen the changes shake the world of search marketing. Businesses ranking well yesterday, losing their positions after a ranking change they were unprepared for. Businesses insisting that Social Media is a place to post family holiday pics and do just chit-chat - the same businesses who now know they have fallen behind.

Social is key to every marketing move you can make. If you are not engaged on social media networks, you are not properly engaged with your customers, and are losing sales by the day. Facebook right now holds the largest market share on social traffic out of all the big players and we place a focus on Facebook marketing for businesses. The social networks we will use include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare and Pinterest.

Many businesses still have not delved into campaigns on Facebook albeit PPC or discussions. Look at the icons on the right. These show the amount of engagement and traffic gained as a percentage as compared to each other on average for a number of clients in various niches.

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