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Social Media Marketing For Recruitment Agencies in Swansea

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At present, I offer a service that is dedicated to recruitment agencies in the Swansea area or that list job vacancies in the city and nearby areas.

There is no access to your Facebook account required or requested as the service is managed via my own business page for jobs.

You can view the Swansea Jobs Facebook page.

The Facebook Recruitment Campaign is for,

A. Recruitment agencies within the Swansea area,
B. Employers recruiting in the city area and,
C. Recruiters helping Job seekers relocate to Swansea.

No contract, no subscription, a complete PAYG service, your ads will reach a targeted audience of job seekers seeking employment in the city and surrounding areas.

This includes targeted boosted post ads, application and resume management and forwarding, shares to job seeker groups and partnering with influential pages boasting high follower count and high engagement.

For just one fee at a reduced amount compared to managed social media services and the top job sites.

Start your Facebook Recruitment Campaign and 
get targeted candidates for up to 4 job listings for only £59.

If you require a custom package managed from your own Facebook account or LinkedIn, do please request a social media ads package quote.

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Why Your Recruitment Agency Needs A Facebook Marketing Approach

Why spend your entire marketing budget on generic online recruitment marketing plans or pay huge fees to job sites?

It works best to target the sources of your audience directly as soon as they seek a new job in the city. Facebook marketing accomplishes this by getting in front of job seekers during the early stage of their job hunting days. It is your number one strategy here as social networks are saturated with job seekers using social channels to find work. 

This approach connects your agency with job seekers quickly.

This means that for lower costs than a managed Facebook PPC campaign with most services, you pay for:

1. Engagement from those followers, through a series of posts and ads you control,

2. Employer job vacancies filled faster and at a price that does not deplete lower budgets.

3. You can post up to 3 job vacancies for the one fee payment.

No big budgets required to run this campaign, it’s one fee.

When you wish to order another 3 advertisements for job vacancies, you decide when to send the order. This makes social posts and ads your better recruitment marketing tool in your digital toolkit as service you control at a price that keeps your recruitment campaigns cost-effective..

The service does not require or even request access to your Facebook accounts. 

When it comes to recruitment, campaigns managed on Facebook prove to reach effective ways of bringing job candidates to employers. Facebook is used by 1000s of job seekers daily to find the next role, job fair, employer openings, and training schemes. Facebook groups and pages in particular can attract a mass audience of job seekers. 

Start your Facebook Recruitment Campaign and 
get targeted candidates for up to 4 job listings for only £59.

The impact of COVID on the industry is significant though employers are reacting with more flexible positions and either offering temporary remote working jobs or allowing employees to work remotely in a permanent role. Your ads if required will take this into account when posting job vacancy details as per the needs of the employer.

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For £79, you will gain targeted ads and post shares on the Swansea Jobs page. This will bring candidates to the jobs available, ready to start work.

For your Swansea area targeted job listings, the Facebook Ad service will bring the candidates your listing requires.

Posts to Swansea Jobs on Facebook are daily and include job updates, training sources, academic courses, and at present, extra attention to much needed key worker positions to be filled such as NHS staff. 


What does the fee cover?

1. Up to 5 JOB ADS arranged in 1 post daily to the Swansea Jobs page, and to South Wales and Swansea jobs groups. Over the first 1-2 days, organic visits to the page job posts are monitored. ** Posts are permanent and never removed. They are also re-shared during the following month if the vacancies are not filled. A maximum of 5 posts a day to make sure that every ad gets seen by the post reach potential. Posts will be scheduled depending on the number of orders for the week. **

5 Day Campaign though job posts are permanent
3 jobs in one post, up to 5 posts a day
Shared to SWJ and to job groups

Posts from clients go out 5 times a day, each has 3 job ads
Each order is a post showing up to 3 job vacancies in a Page Post
Job Post is pinned to top of page for 24 hrs, this works in cycles through all client orders,
client chooses which is to be a job ad for forwarding of resumes

You can choose one vacancy for a Job Post and all applications will be forwarded to your email
Depending on the applications received from the Job Post, this too will be boosted

Can also post 1 job permalink from client FB page, or client submits post for approval

employers and agencies can post 1 free job post a day: 1 vacancy, with contact details, website link. Posted to page not as a Job Ad, 
Free posts are scheduled to 1-2 a day depending on volume received


2. The Job Listings gain a boosted post over two steps:

a. The listings post with up to 3 vacancies, with full descriptions and links to the job application pages, are boosted over a further 5 days to hit larger audiences according to target demographics we discuss e.g. type of role, location, salary.

b. One of the job vacancies is posted and boosted as a job ad in a seperate post. Alongside the 1st boosted post, this ad is boosted over a further 5 days to hit larger audiences according to target demographics we discuss e.g. type of role, location, salary. The ad will show the job, location, description, screening questions and the email address for receiving applications.

3. The job listings are shared again to create fresh posts after 7 days if not enough applications received. So, if no applications or not enough suitable candidates received, the post shares are repeated once more PLUS . Typically, expect enough applications to your email inbox during the 7 day campaign.

4. Full reporting of the posts, shares and engagement.

 Monthly Facebook Ads capped are scheduled daily, 3 times a day (possibly 5 times depending on ad volume but no more). You can choose a time for the AM, PM and evening schedules or I will post at specified times. This ensures all job listings posted to the page gain a strong balance of organic and paid search traffic from the page followers and new visitors.

Typical engagement rates per post - clickthroughs to the posted page links - range from 4% to 8% over 5 days when shared to the Swansea Jobs Facebook page, with no boosts or ads to achieve those click conversions.

6. Is the job vacancy advertised a marketing role? Marketing related job vacancies will also be added to my own jobs page for clients and shared from there to South Wales social groups on Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

Here is the Swansea Jobs Page link so you can browse over the past and current feeds and posts.

A little insight into the Facebook Like, the Follower, the actual reach of a Post

Many businesses spend thousands of pounds to build an audience. And the top social media solution is Facebook through Likes. The logic is simple – the more Likes, the more followers. This is turn enables your business posts through Facebook to gain more reach per post.

This service has spent time on quality not quantity by building followers, that is people with an interest in jobs and training in Swansea.  

But a service like this must be transparent on organic reach i.e. number of people seeing the ad, and those clicking through to your page.

Truth is, even if you your page has a a ton of followers, the number of people who will actually catch your content is not the same.

Let’s say you’ve obtained 1,000 Likes on your Facebook page. It stands to reason that every time you post content to that page, all 1,000 people will see it. However, the reality is that each post will only be shown to about 10% (or less) of your followers.

If you’d want the remaining 90% of your Facebook followers to see your content, you’ll have to “boost” your posts.

On Swansea Jobs, there is an organic clickthrough rate of between 4% and 8% over 5 days.

For example, recent engagement rates vary such as 8 engagements in 140 reached, or 1 engagement in 20 reached at the lower engagement rates.

Would you be interested in a service to bring qualified candidates within Swansea and surrounding areas to your Job advertisements and Agency promotions?

Since 2013, the Swansea Jobs page originally set up to work with a recruitment agency offered old school SEO packages that were fine before the Google algorithms changed everything.

Now, the focus is on the Facebook page for social media marketing solutions that work.

The page has helped advertise diverse job vacancies for agencies and employers directly. Following the work on executive recruitment roles in the city area back in 2013, I decided to maintain the page and keep it running with job updates across the Swansea locality. 

The page grew in popularity and followers, not to a vast number, though a targeted following that connects with 100s more Swansea residents. Part of the reason for the growth is the number of residents sharing the posts and recommending job vacancies to someone they know. 

It grew into a Facebook page that deserved some TLC as time passed.

Why should you choose Facebook Marketing over Job Site solutions and free listings?

A Facebook page is capable of much more than a place to share and post useful information for its followers. I created a bolt-on service for recruiters at Swansea firms, and for recruitment agencies, to gain much needed employees for vacancies and with the correct skill sets and experience. 

Why use this service rather than spend more time on Job Sites?

Using PPC for job ads on networks like Facebook allows you to control Ad placement expenses. With my service, you get a recruitment service for £49. To ultimately get the most out of job sites, you need to use their more expensive PPC models or 30 day listing fees.

  • Glassdoor offers employers a do-it-yourself 30 day job listing for £149 in the UK,
  • Monster offers a 60-day job posting option. Pricing for a single job posting costs £130 for 30 days,
  • Career Builder single job posting cost begins at £239 for 30 days only,
  • LinkedIn sells a job posting solution with a daily budget, and charges for job post views, so the employer can be charged up to 1.3x over the daily average budget,
  • Reed sells job advertising starting at £150 plus VAT per posting for new users, £89 + VAT for the first ad only,
  • JobSite sells a 6-week job posting product,
  • TotalJobs also sells 6-week job post for £149.
  • Many free job posting sites do not gain much targeted traffic and so you spend time placing job listings that do not gain more than a fraction of the target candidates.
  • My fee is also significantly less than advertising on most job sites where your ad can be lost in the noise of mass advertising.
  • I can help save you time targeting specific types of job seekers in Swansea City interested in so many industries and roles.
  • Depending on the job you’re filling, a Facebook PPC campaign brings you the candidates needed via audience optimised Boosted Posts and Facebook Ads and through an active Swansea community page. Boosted posts tend to be sufficient for most campaigns.
  • My service targets a specific location and surrounding areas i.e. Swansea and surrounding areas PLUS you can target other locations for candidates looking to move to Swansea. Under the current COVID restrictions, employers can offer a remote working position (temporary or permanent) and I will clarify “work at home” options in the listings.


Other services you can get a quote for covering content writing, outreach, link building and influencer marketing

I also manage combined packages and pay-per-post campaigns if that suits you as social posts and ads are just one of many services I offer.

For example, do you need blog content? Links from authority sites? Need an email outreach campaign? Reviews of your latest offers? Need infographics?

Need help finding brand ambassadors in recruitment? Need to optimise and create a retargeting campaign to get your job listings in front of candidates who already visited your site?

A helping hand for NHS vacancies

During these difficult times for the NHS, I regularly post job vacancies for nurses, doctors, managers, matrons, and health care workers. Posts to the Swansea Jobs page are daily and include job updates, training sources, academic courses, and at present, extra attention to much needed key worker positions to be filled such as NHS staff. 

Ask for details of a January 2021 campaign post sending the latest NHS jobs in Swansea to the Facebook page.

Every year, the page also helps the Swansea Jobs Fair get the event broadcast to local job seekers for free with post shares. 

Start your Facebook Recruitment Campaign and
get targeted candidates for up to 3 job listings for only £79.

Any queries? Let’s discuss your Facebook Recruitment marketing campaigns.

Send an email to steve [at] clickforseo [dot] com.

Or send your email address over and I will be in touch.