September 28, 2017


Your savings by hiring me to take care of your digital marketing:

  • You manage just one contract rather than several.
  • Following a 3 month trial period when you can cancel at any time, a contract with me from 6 months does not tie you into a permanent staff addition.
  • You gain an expert at less than half the cost of a digital marketing team.

I will go over your budget and agree to a certain number of hours at just £15 per hour.
For best results, think long term and order from 20 hours a month at just £300 a month.

Chat with me today via steve [at] clickforseo [[dot]] com or call 07092876419
and we will discuss your link building needs.

Typically, agencies order from 60 hours a month for long term digital PR plans so expect costs to be around and below £1000 a month.

In tough niches, expect around 10 to 15 links a month for that period from guest posts, resource lists and other types of link acquisition we will discuss.


Free up your internal resources and focus on your business needs, your core competencies.

Chat with me about your digital PR and how I can expose your web site to fresh audiences.

Find buyers, readers, and gain trust with my helping hand.