September 28, 2017


Start a Digital PR plan that works to your budget requirements, tailored to work for your business.

You only pay for guest posts that are live on blogs approved.

You pay only for active links and not weekly or monthly.

digital PR prices

That may surprise the wisest of visitors here. I do not charge by the hour, you only pay for results.

I take the risk out of your marketing budget by carefully stepping through your plan, approving blogs for articles, approving the article content with you and negotiating your needed link acquisition on the best blogs in your niche.

You pay for active posts to sites that you have approved. This way you are in control of how your link building progresses.


How do Payments Work?

  1. I share a Google document with you for the logging of all link acquisition work which shows recommended sites for your links.
  2. You approve the sites on the sheet that you want.
  3. Each site clearly shows the price.
  4. I discuss article titles with you and target keywords.
  5. The articles are written and then sent to you for approval.
  6. The articles are sent to the blog editors and a live publishing date requested.
  7. Articles go live.
  8. You agree at the outset to a number of links and a 50% retainer once the work above has started.
  9. The remainder is paid upon the completed volume of live links ordered.
  10. Rinse and repeat monthly if you wish.

There is no requirement to sign an IDA though I tend to prefer working long term with clients and will suggest an IDA agreement after 2-3 months if you are happy with the work and need to continue the online marketing campaigns.


What I Need From You

I first examine your site and target audience so I can start selecting web sites (news, blogs) for pitching or selection from my current lists built from much experience in this field.

You are not obligated to buy any links and can reject any and all sites suggested.

If you view the sites I suggest as appropriate for articles with your (or clients’) links in the posts, the work commences. I will also suggest sites from a list you wish to target. Based on responses from editors and their editorial calendars, we progress to pitching titles for their blogs.

As the outreach progresses, you will have access to a shared sheet report on Google Docs to view the progress.

Once I establish a connection with an editor, it is time to pitch article titles to the editor. At this point, you either supply articles or I write them up.


Quality Checks on Sites

digital pr plan approved

These are the metrics checked on a web site with descriptions of the metric. These checks ensure that your links are coming from sites of sufficient quality. I avoid spammy sites, domains that are set up with low quality content, and sites showing low figures for these metrics.

Domain Authority DA is Moz’s best estimate of how well a domain will perform in search. Domain Authority is important to SEO.

The LRT Power*Trust metric P*T will help you assess the quality of a page, domain or top domain in no time. By using it in your daily SEO workflow, you can get a quantitative idea regarding the trustworthiness and power of any link.

Citation Flow CF is a number predicting how influential a URL might be based on how many sites link to it.

Trust Flow TF is a number predicting how trustworthy a page is based on how trustworthy sites tend to link to trustworthy neighbors.


Why Hire Me?

digital PR costs

Your savings by hiring me to take care of your digital marketing:

  • You manage just one contract rather than several. The independent contractor agreement does not tie you into any fixed terms on monthly services.
  • You gain a cost effective addition to your team with a handle on resources for your brand at the right time. You can decide at the outset how many links a month you need, your budget per month or just for one project lasting a day or several months.
  • You gain an expert at less than half the cost of a digital marketing team. I work for myself, you deal directly with me on work progress.





Typical prices

I quote link acquisition prices which include the cost of article writing, outreach, handling communications with editors, metrics and reporting.

From £50 per live link to £200+ per high DA, high traffic and high TF sites.

We will work out a plan to fit your budget, do bear that in mind.

Contract terms are simple: Payment must be received within 7 days of the 50% retainer invoice unless a payment schedule has reached an agreement and specified on a separate contract.

If we agree to an Independent Contractor Agreement from the outset or after a few months, you can either sign one to:

  1. Create a fixed term arrangement and serves purely for clarity between supplier and client.
  2. Set up a long term retainer contract paid monthly for 6 months to a year.
  3. Or as some clients do, cover both those clauses.


What happens if payments are late?

Without an agreed payment date , after 30 days has elapsed since the live dates, the article links may be disabled, the article itself removed and our working relationship terminated. In many circumstances, the article may need to remain active due to editorial constraints and in these circumstances a late fee of 15% is applied every 14 days.

Anyway, this is just legal stuff.

I always like my clients and therefore will help if needed, particularly if the client experiences financial hardship. If the latter is the case, I can come to a mutual agreement to help you in a difficult period.


Chat with me today via steve [at] clickforseo [[dot]] com or call 02921690046
and we will discuss your link building needs.

Typically, agencies order from 10 to 20 links a month for long term digital PR plans.


Free up your internal resources and focus on your business needs, your core competencies.

Chat with me about your digital PR and how I can expose your web site to fresh audiences.

Find buyers, readers, and gain trust with my helping hand.