Email Outreach

If you want your brand found, you have to spend time reaching out to media outlets and getting mentioned in PR, blogs and on social channels. 

No matter your niche, we will find suitable magazines and blogs in your niche willing to mention your brand and place you in front of fresh targeted audiences.

But why do I need Outreach? Sounds expensive….

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You may be thinking that but email outreach for building links to your brand products and services fits any budget.

Let’s look at a use in industry.

For example, a photography service in Kent needs to get their services in front of couples getting married. 
So, we get the service mentioned in photography magazines… Right?

No, actually, not as a sole media target, but just one.

The target is couples, soon to be newlyweds. The market is weddings, and the service needs to be shown where couples are likely to want to go on Google to find out about photography services for weddings. So we will get your brand mentioned in wedding blogs, bridal advice sites, in social media groups where couples are asking about photography, on expert photography blogs, and many family and lifestyle blogs.

So, it’s an ongoing strategy that requires a long term investment. 

How do you do this?

You ask. Sure, it’s a process we have 10 years of experience in doing for digital agencies and clients in many industries.
The two main methods are GUEST POSTING and NICHE LINK EDITS.

A guest post for editors of blogs and magazines is an article about a solution to a problem e.g. 
You type ‘popular travel locations in Mexico’.
Google returns 100s of results with titles such as ‘The Top 10 places to go to in Mexico’ and ‘Do Not Miss These Beautiful Locations When in Mexico’.
The key is to get your article showing high up in the search results by presenting your solution to a problem. The strategy is not about promoting your brand off the bat. You’re not looking for the titles saying ‘Chat to us about low cost travel to Mexico’. You want to know what not to miss when visiting.

When you offer a SOLUTION to a PROBLEM, you gain TRUST and new AUDIENCES.

You see those titles on Google all the time. When you search for help, the Google results often show titles like ‘How To’ or ‘Top 10’ or ‘Best Way To’ or ‘The Quickest method to’.

A niche link edit, also known as a link insertion or curated link, is a quicker way to get your links found through the pages getting ranked. The method is simple. We get your brand links added to blog pages that are already ranking and pulling traffic. 

This could be an extra line promoting your brand, or your link added to a keyword.

Our preferred strategy is on adding extra lines so you can promote your brand. So, say you manage a tradesman finder service and an excellent article ranks well and gets lots of traffic titled ‘The renovation mistakes that cost you money to avoid’ is found. The article is well written, and your tradesfinder service which helps homeowners find a tradesman for their home renovation projects, will benefit from having a link in that article. The idea is to add a line that blends into the article while promoting your brand. So we contact the owner of the article and ask them to add a line like:

Avoid making costly mistakes on your next home improvement project. Talk to a professional tradesman first for free, and get advice on costs and materials needed to complete the work professionally. A mistake will be more costly in the long term. Chat with trades business UK.

The brand is trades business UK ( a fictional brand) that gets an honourable mention in a popular article, in context and that fits the flow of the article.

In the above example for Photography services, Googlers look for wedding photography services. First they get a lot of links to photography businesses though one of them in the top 5 results says ‘How to choose a professional wedding photographer for any budget’. That will get clicked. If it’s your guest post or you have your links in that article, you will get found.

Hope this explains the process of Outreach.

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