September 28, 2017

What is Digital PR and Outreach?

The practice of traditional PR strategically builds a relationship between a business and their publics.

Digital PR takes that approach to the web as a focus by building relationships with key influential bloggers, journalists and top news sites.

The relationship is done through outreach to the editors of influential sites to negotiate a link to your web site.

This taps you into a fresh audience already attracted by the influence of the site pitched.

Content is used to create the link either from a guest post such as a news article or general blog post, or from a link added to the influencer site homepage or an already published article.

The result is increased online presence by tapping into targeted audiences.


  • A finance company gets their new insurance packages mentioned in a top insurance news site.
  • A startup web design service gets a mention on a popular web design tutorials blog.
  • A new movie trailer gets mentioned in a review on a high traffic movie news blog.
  • A game development brand gets their new console game mentioned in a well known and trusted game review magazine
  • A plumber gets his or her business mentioned on a high traffic home services site.

You get the idea.