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Why the SEO Report – Do not be left out in the cold,
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SEO report

A quote from to think about regarding why you need an On-Page SEO Report:

‘Google ranks pages not web sites, so every page
on your site needs to be optimised for your most relevant keywords.’

For large sites, on-page optimisation contributes to most of the Google ranking equation for best SEO optimisation. This is usually the case as larger more well known brands will have created lots of back links from high authority sites. A focus on optimising blogs and landing pages boost the site SEO.

That said, it’s surprising how many improvements can be highlighted when analysing large web sites. Smaller sites such as start-ups should start with an audit so that checks can confirm if any Google crawling issues will occur.

Take a look at the report for the parenting technology advice site, Quib.Ly, which shows many of the below items.

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Get a FREE SEO report first. Email steve [at] clickforseo [dot] com and ask for a quick homepage analysis by email.

Receive the report by contacting me with 1) your site URL, 2) target keyword.

Contact me or email steve [at] clickforseo [dot] com to go over the online report process with you.


The initial free report will list the top errors on your homepage, on-page SEO issues to resolve immediately. Though for a more thorough report, take a look at the complete SEO audit report and start your SEO optimisation for Google rankings today:

  • Detailed site-wide analysis gives recommendations on optimisation based on relevant keywords we agree to target.
  • All your site low quality areas affecting your site’s ability to optimise ranking on Google are listed with suggestions on how to correct.
  • The report will highlight: Website Architecture and Code Evaluation, Back links Evaluation, Web Page Design Issues, Dead Pages/ Broken Links, Site Page Download Speed Analysis.
  • Google ranks pages not web sites. This report gives a more detailed look at how to optimise each of your top landing pages for the search engines using the best keywords found through keyword analysis and competition comparison so you can see how competing sites are optimised. A higher ranking competitor’s link building profile will reveal opportunities for setting up high authority back links.
  • These corrections ensure that your site has a strong chance of appearing in the Top 10 results on Google for popular search terms related to your niche.
  • Areas needing optimisation highlighted in reports for optimisation by your developer.
  • Robots.txt Creation/ analysis helps to aid how search engines crawl your site.
  • Meta Tag Optimisation suggestions on TITLEs, META descriptions and keywords tag optimisation. The report also highlights missing ALT tags on image files. This must be corrected to improve SEO.
  • XML Sitemap, if missing, created for you to upload to your root server. The sitemap will then be submitted to Google, Yahoo and Bing. This speeds up indexing of your site pages on the engines.
  • Mobile Optimisation checks to make sure your site is responsive i.e. display fine on all viewports such as phones and tablets.

Complete audit that shows you how to improve your page rankings on Google focusing on the homepage and top landing pages analysis.


Sitewide audit for £79, and batch order rates can be discussed if you own several sites; this report analyses all site pages showing all necessary tag changes along with keyword research, competition analysis and a content marketing plan for the site.

Order the SEO Report and let’s analyse your site content

See a sample complete SEO audit for Everything Everywhere Jobs


I can advise on which pages to ensure are optimised, best keywords to start digging for those buying terms, simply call me on 0709 287 6419, or email steve [at] clickforseo [dot] com.

Contact me with details of your SEO Implementation requirements.

It’s a good idea to initially optimise the homepage.

Order the SEO Report and let’s analyse your site content

Most clients learn how to optimise their sites quickly from the reports and take the SEO work in-house. We welcome this move as we encourage businesses to learn SEO. The report is also a guide to the sitewide code changes needed, and keyword placement and selection for your pages.

You will quickly grasp the needed tasks and be able to replicate the tactics on other sites you own.


How To Start Your SEO optimisation for Google

1. Request your FREE emailed report showing potential issues on your homepage. If you then want to know how to optimise all your main landing pages, call on 0709 287 6419 or or email steve [at] clickforseo [dot] com to send details of your web site, keywords to target. I will offer consultation at this stage on how to choose keywords and what should be optimised.

2. Order the SEO Report and let’s analyse your site content

3. You shall receive the audit within 7 to 14 days. If the analysis requires more time to complete, you will be notified of the reason.


Optimise Your Site Pages For Google! Be Found!
Full SEO Report For £79.

Just £79 for the complete audit that shows you how to improve your page rankings on Google.

Contact me at steve [at] clickforseo [dot] com OR call 0709 2876419 and provide the details ( pre-sales queries welcome).