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The Click For Traffic Social Media Marketing Package offers two options over the minimum 3 months period.

This is a specialist service for the following types of businesses:

  • Film Production Companies

  • Book Publishers

  • Freelance Writers

  • Game Developer

Since we want you to trust our services, how about,

7 days for free ? Test the Social Media Marketing potential of our service.

If you wish to continue after 7 days, we have two packages on offer. Each is customised to fit your campaign to your audience, to connect you to them, and to build interest in your trailer or your new online tool or perhaps a lavish new book cover.


Call me now on 07092876419, email steve [at] clickforseo [dot] com,  or use the form and Contact me to learn how I can help you get your brand found on social media channels and increase your conversions from TODAY.


Social Media Marketing Services

The plans cover execution of strategies and management of campaigns on:

  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram



For more influence with your target audience, and more engagement.

Test drive for free over 7 days first if you wish to try it out.
For one week, a batch of posts will be shared from your Facebook page and directly from your blog or site of choice to targeted groups in your industry.

  • Social media marketing across 100s of groups comprising 1000s of members.
  • Gain a report showing how to improve your web pages for Google, optimise your social media profiles and reveal how your higher ranking competitors rank above you.
  • This package will also manage two of your social media accounts.

Reasons to choose this package include

  • Sharing a blog article, or a social media page like a Facebook or Instagram page.
  • Writing a guest post for submission to a high influence blog e.g. a movie review blog, game review blog.
  • Blog comments on high traffic and busy blogs where your niche is discussed. These can be very powerful ways to create permanent traffic funnels.
  • Some examples are a Facebook post link to share, a video page on YouTube, a news item, a press release, a guest post.
  • Perhaps you are a web developer with a GitHub project to share, or a filmmaker with a trailer, or perhaps a game designer with a review to share on a big game review site like Gamespot.

THE METHOD: The groups and pages selected will be ones used by your target audience e.g. a web development blog will go to web design and development groups, a horror movie trailer shared on horror film discussion groups, a game subscription shared on gamer enthusiast groups.

In summary, the work for you includes:

  • SEO report showing optimisation errors, see the report details below.
  • a social media profile audit to check your Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn profile pages are punchy, where your audience goes, your influencers and connecting with them.
  • Connecting your social media accounts with relevant groups and pages.
  • Next, sharing your post, blog page, profile page or whatever you choose on social media groups and pages across our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts.
  • Get an article written for submission to a high influence blog. This is a guest post which we will pitch first to agree on a title with the intended blog owner, then write it and handle all communications until the article is published. The article will contain links to your movie trailer, game app, book page on Amazon, etc.
  • 20 blog comments on busy and active blogs where a link from a comment to your target page will draw interest from the blog discussion thread. These are not for SEO, as most are a mix of nofollow and dofollow comments but offer targeted traffic.
  • With access to your accounts, we will increase your connections with influencers and target customers in your niche. This is done through joining you with targeted groups, and seeking high influencers in your niche for partnership chats. One powerful way is to share some of the influencer’s content in return for sharing yours to their mass audience.
  • This plan covers two accounts for management and you can choose. We recommend Facebook and Pinterest on management tasks if you have a B2C focus, or LinkedIn and Twitter management if you have a B2B focus.
  • Management tasks include group joining, cleaning up inactive followers, increasing followers, creating targeted Facebook pages or Pinterest boards to target your best keywords, and connecting with influencers.


Average number of members in 100 groups = 50,000 to 1,000,000+



The Maximise Your Reach and Engagement Plan for optimal engagement and influence within your target reach to create communities around your products to increase long term conversions.

Test drive for free over 7 days first if you wish to try it out.
For one week, a batch of posts will be shared from your Facebook page and directly from your blog or site of choice to targeted groups in your industry.

PLUS, 3 guest posts on target high authority blogs in your niche, genre, etc.
PLUS, 5 influencers of high authority will be found and asked to mention your services.
PLUS, 50 blog comments on high traffic and high authority blogs in your niche.

Included are all the features of the £199 plan such as the optimisation report to make sure all pages are fine for Google, forming partnerships with high authority influencers in your industry and increasing your social media profile connections. More time is spent on this plan growing your social network connections on all your accounts.

We will manage and grow 4 of your social media accounts on this plan. Growth, connecting and listening are the key parts to this plan.

Key to a successful campaign are joint ventures with high influencers in your target market. Time is spent connecting with these authority driven social media profiles. Joint partnerships will be attempted so as to connect with fresh target audiences. e.g. a free game in return for posting an article review to 1000s of gamers.

In addition, we will set up groups to build a community of target prospects around your brand. For example, a film company can build a group of fantasy movie enthusiasts for exposure to their latest fantasy movie. Another, a group is built to discuss web development apps for Android devices so a developer can discuss a new Android app for building web pages. This can be achieved by targeting  targeting Android phone users and asking if they wish to join the group.

Additionally, you gain business directory listings on sites like Yelp and Yell, and forum marketing. Forums can use your blog articles to open discussions. Or we can create discussions threads on subject matter related directly to your services or products. This opens up permanent funnels of new visitors and links able to rank high on Google.

In a nutshell:

  • Social Media Management of your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest profiles.
  • In addition to posting on social media, we manage all your top social network accounts. This joins your profiles with relevant groups, comments on useful discussions, and gives you an edge on competitors using your social media accounts.
  • We will create a community around your products or services. This is accomplished through creating a group aimed at an interest group in your market. By building a community around your products, you gain an audience to add to your connections.This helps build conversions through using the group to share useful information e.g. A group to discuss tips on publishing a novel with posts to the publisher’s latest book projects; a Vine project for a filmmaker to gather buzz in a film talk group.
  • Targeted campaigns on Pinterest and Instagram for book publishers and filmmakers. These platforms work very well when campaigns gather useful information on the movie or book e.g. Pinterest boards listing similar movies or facts around the story. Chat with me about this strategy.
  • Another example, a children’s filmmaker creates a group to chat about 21st century children’s films and shares their latest movie with the group.
  • 3 guest posts on target blogs and 50 blog comments on a range of blogs. These are permanent links and will build your ranking profile as well as send constant traffic.
  • To see how much value a community offers your brand, take a look at a group we created for freelance writers. The aim of the group is to share useful job hunting advice. Work on the community posts and connections eventually resulted in building trust and now over 6000 members. One of the goals with the group was to promote an eBook on finding freelance work for writers. The result of building this useful community brought sales of the eBook on a weekly basis.
  • Forum Marketing on sites where discussions with your like minds and target audience will resonate. This is accomplished using discussion openers able to create engagement within forum discussions.
  • Discussion openers are snippets of your blog articles curated as opening discussion threads on social media pages and groups as well as on forums, see below examples. Once the thread attracts comments, we revisit the discussion under a niche targeted profile and provide your choice of web links for the members to visit. This is a powerful marketing trick as it keys into niche targeted people. Specific social media page and forum discussions depend on your target market, some examples:
    What are the best horror movies on YouTube?
    What are the top free browser games to play right now?
    Which small publishing houses are best suited to the Fantasy genre?
    What are the best drama movies on YouTube?
    What independent movies are worth watching this year?

    What free browser games look as good as PS4 games?
    Which small publishing houses are best suited to the young adult genre?
  • Business directory listings. Sites like Yell and Yelp are known to rank high and can help your site during the early days of SEO. Listings on these sites will provide your business with high ranking pages with links to your site.
  • Blog comments. If you ignore this link building exercise, it is at your peril. Most blog comments are nofollow on authority blogs. Though, while they do not help boost rankings, they provide a source of targeted traffic from high traffic blogs where top influencers post articles. We can discuss guest posts too, take a look at our guest posting service if you want to submit your articles to high authority blogs.
  • List Articles. Bonus services for filmmakers; 1. we will create list articles on IMDB that showcase your movie, the chracaters or / and shots from the movie. 2. Managing your Wistia account.
  • Market Your Crowd Funding Campaign. Perhaps you have started a kickstarter project to help cover the book production costs or for funding towards completing a feature length movie.


Contact 07092876419 and ask for Steve, or email steve [at] clickforseo [dot] com or we can talk on Skype, ID is clickforseo.



Social Media Marketing Statistics

Whether you are marketing an app, a movie, a new gadget, a game or a book, you need activity on Social Media Networks. Take in these figures:

Facebook and Google control more than half of the global mobile ad market. Scan Life, 2014.

Facebook and LinkedIn are the two most important social networks for marketers. When forced to only select one platform, 54% of marketers selected Facebook, followed by LinkedIn at 17%. Social Media Examiner, 2014.

85% of respondents said that they would spend more on LinkedIn this year, followed by Twitter at 78% and YouTube at 70%. Regalix, 2015.

66% of marketers believe social media marketing is core to their business. Salesforce, 2015.

social media marketing from Click For Traffic

Click the titles below for further details, click again to close.
Or call now on 0709 287 6419, email steve [at] clickforseo [dot] com, or use our contact form from the top menu.

This is a specialist service for certain creative industries. What businesses will you help?

We specialise in helping the following 7 sectors.

Film Companies

Plus, as a creative industry focused service, we can customise a plan for:

Game Design Firms
Web Development Firms
3D Designers
Event Technology Suppliers

Expand your online presence and get known, get in front of targeted audiences, expand your influence!

A good social media plan is about listening and posting. We monitor your social media influence to establish the trends of your influencers and competitors. To that end, we start with an audit to gain a feel for your target market and which social network is best.

No one size fits all marketing – we go where your audience goes.

Here are some client results, an example of social media for web developers. These two screenshots were for a new web developer tool launched by jReply LLC. The campaign posts were spread out over a week and reached between 1.7k and 5.2k targeted accounts. The people reached were either involved in web development, studying programming or looking for a new tool and attracted just under 250 clicks. This targeting forms the core of the Click For Traffic plans.

volume-reach-clicks reach-clicks-website

Run for a month with our packages, the posts can attract about 1000 clickthroughs from the campaign. Are you marketing a blog page, tool, or a resource of use to the web developer community? Or perhaps you are a web developer with a new app offering features and benefits to a particular industry. We will connect your app benefits with the app’s target audience.

While not officially a client, we helped push out the horror movie ‘Last Shift’. This was purely as a test to gain a feel for the value of this service. The posts sent 1000s of views to the official trailer page. So nice to gain a thank you post from the Hollywood director on Facebook, added below.

Just a few days before a screening in York, the producers of the gangster movie ‘Hackneys Finest’ wanted some exposure, and more attendees. Within those few days, posts out to social networks like the one below sent to Google+ resulted in more seats filled at the showing.

The idea was to target York and Leeds based groups, and residents, plus gangster movie enthusiasts. This post remained at position 4 on Google for searches on the movie for a few months.



What Will Click For Traffic Do?

Quickly Read Details On Our Managed Social Marketing Service

social media marketing on mobile
For each of the following niches, there is a customised package comprising social media marketing services. The packages make use of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest to connect with your target audience on desktop and mobile devices.

Each plan starts with an audit to check your profiles on social media networks are optimised.

Next part of the audit, where is your audience?

We monitor responses across all networks by tracking your influence, what is being posted about your brand. For example, if you are sharing a YouTube video, we will keep an eye on the video page comments.

With so many people visiting online stores, videos and social media posts on their phones, a vast reach exists in every niche. We will carefully plan the frequency of your posts to make sure they are seen at the best times. Further details later on the posting process.

We have developed customised plans for the below industries. Ask about the below specialist areas for full details on how Click For Traffic is built to support you.

We offer dedicated packages for:
Film Production Companies: Independent and Mainstream Film Production, College Projects
Publishers: Supporting Novelists, Magazine Columnist articles

We can customise further for:
Web Developers: Apps for Tablet and Desktop titles, Start Up Brands
Game & 3D Designers: New game launches, free registrations, 3D content
Technology Suppliers: Event Tech, IT Equipment, Gadgets

For just a few examples, the service will:

-> Bring viewers to your movie trailer, YouTube Channel, blog,
-> Bring avid readers to your new book launch on your blog, Goodreads page, Amazon page,
-> Bring fresh eyes to your upcoming event, Hi-Tech equipment,
-> Bring web developers to your useful app for coders, designers to sign up pages, a target audience to your useful industry focused app,
-> Bring gamers to try out your beta game, register for your game, review your game and 3D work. Folks even play football games on their tablets and phones, got a game like that, let us reach your audience.


We do not need access to your social media accounts.
If you grant access to your accounts, we will manage the accounts.


What gets done during the management process?

Increasing your connections so that more of your target audience will see your posts. On Facebook and Google+, we would go after more relevant followers. On LinkedIn, we target relevant connections so that you can gain hundreds of connections. Same process on Pinterest, increase your followers.

On LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+, groups and pages will be set up and managed. These networks are superb for building a community around your brand. These groups and pages will receive regular posts to keep visitors and members interested in returning.

Your social media accounts are monitored for comments and messages. You are informed of any queries where your input is required e.g. pre-sales questions.


These services run initially for 3 months.

You may continue the subscription following the initial 3 month period or stop your campaign, depending on your requirements. The above services for each listed industry cover all your social media marketing needs.

Our Social Media Marketing services are customised for your requirements to do a specific task on social channels.


  1. An independent filmmaker needs to create buzz around their latest trailer.
    What We Will Do: Share the trailer to genre targeted social media groups and pages.
  2. A novelist wants to bring fresh eyes to a new Amazon book release.
    What We Will Do: We will join and engage with groups interested in the book genre. Perhaps the writer has a new cover to show off so we can share to 100s of book promotion groups.
  3. An events company wants to build awareness of a client’s product in preparation for an upcoming event.
    What We Will Do: We will search for related groups and pages, join, message the owners, and engage with the members. Using content discussing the event, the posts will inform prospects of the reasons to attend the event. Videos and media work well here to build interest.
  4. A web developer wants to market an app of use to a specific industry.
    What We Will Do: Content will capture the benefits to the industry upon using the app. This content could be client blogs, videos, Facebook page posts. The app benefits will be shared to groups of people working in the industry and thus with potential interest in the app features.

In each example, we will respond to any queries or pass them onto you.

Please note: This is not a service designed to purely promote offers, services and new launches. There are specific content requirements for the service.


We follow the 80/20 rule in marketing: 80% of the time sharing useful content to engage an audience, 20% of the time spent promoting.

Our Practiced, Acceptable & Best approaches which we will create and manage are:

  1. Wrap an article from your blog around the offer. We can help with the content writing.
  2. Sharing a Facebook post from your page.
  3. Sharing Your RSS feed to targeted groups.
  4. Add Posts from your Instagram or YouTube account for sharing.
  5. Scheduled Posts: You choose the specific hours and days for your posts.
  6. Regular targeting and time spent connecting with your audience, and creating groups to capture your audience. See the managed plan options below.

All posts are carefully monitored to check for any responses. When needed, we will contact you with details of any queries. We also monitor for errors flagged such as two common errors: Admins changing pages or groups to read-only; If you have asked for a post to be repeated after it already circulated before on Facebook, their admins may block it.

social media marketing from Click For Traffic


Choose one of two monthly services below. Each provides details of the tasks carried out so you can easily decide which suits your objectives.

Call me now on 07092876419 or use the form and Contact me to learn how I can help you get your brand found on social media channels and increase your conversions from TODAY.


What Will Click For Traffic Cost?

The aim of the packages is to bring targeted fresh audiences to a page of your choice e.g. homepage, social media page, a blog article, a signup form, etc. These do not all involve management of your social media accounts.

There are two options:

Increase Your Reach and Influence for £199 a month

Maximise Your Reach and Engagement for £399 a month

All packages offer a complete social media marketing plan.
None of the packages require access to your social media accounts.

If you DO wish to pass access rights, management of your social media accounts is limited on the Increase Your Reach and Influence plan and complete management on the Maximise Your Reach and Engagement plan.

The Click For Traffic service runs for a minimum of 3 months and sends traffic from social media networks in your niche.

Read some reviews: one from Rickety Shack Films on the work for their London based gangster movie, a second from a Hollywood horror movie director regards to his movie Last Shift from Skyra Entertainment, and another on the exposure to the jResponse web development app,

Great work on the posts, Steve. Really. I just search for Hackney’s Finest, and a post by you came up 4th. :)
Arin Alldridge, Rickety Shack Films
This is the director Anthony DiBlasi. That’s awesome Stephen! Thanks so much for all the help, you’ve been great!
Anthony DiBlasi, Director, Last Shift and Cassadaga
Stephen did a great job. He communicates well, has good writing skills and delivers on time. He appears to have a good knowledge of SEO. I will certainly be using his services again.
Atul V , jResponse Web Development Tool


While these are highly affordable, boosted posts are not permanent, not organic; they will be found only during the duration of the ad campaign. Plus, do you have the time to engage with the folks commenting and liking your posts. I will send you details of any queries asked, negative or positive, and post responses on your behalf – ongoing while you are on one of the 3 month plans. All posts need monitoring.

Yes, I will battle fires for you if needed!

Plus these cons:

* Advertisements can be outbid and tend to run a few times at most over a month. Few, if any, people will ever see the advertisement.
* Conversion rates for many Facebook ads sits at 1%, far lower than most online advertising platforms.
* Ads hit the wrong demographics at times e.g. ad aimed at people living in Leeds may reach those listing Leeds as their college location.

While I recognise that videos touch on an eclectic mix of creative ideas, if you want a video shared, these are Not allowed:
Religious Hatred

Where filmmakers are concerned, your trailer or video page must not contain the above elements either.


View Examples of Fire Firefighting. Social Listening not just Social Posting

Social media marketing is not solely about POSTING, you need someone to LISTEN too. It is important to respond to any comments, positive or negative. In each case, a professional and stern approach is needed particularly if the response intends to discredit the product. Social media is rife with opinionated folks before and after they become buyers.

Think about how many times you felt interested in a product as it was reviewed by a Facebook friend. And those moments when you change your mind – no longer a buyer – as someone complained or attempted to discredit a product; you will be surprised at how many times this has happened.

By monitoring your social media posts, we can interact with comments and feed any relevant rebuttals back to a negative review for example.

This example for a Hollywood filmmaker needed a comment to dissuade pre-judgement on a movie. This happens a lot in the social media world and at times, as a way to discredit competition. Here, a viewer decided the movie trailer presented sufficient reason to leave a bad review.

The comment on the video trailer was for a horror movie called Last Shift.

There were 19 Google +1s on the post from us, and comments were coming thick and fast. Mostly positive but one comment needed a rebuttal. The comment came from a view based on the trailer and I felt it important to point out that the reviewer should watch the film – then judge.

The negative comment posted:


This sparked a positive comment though closely followed by an attempted bad review from someone who had not actually seen the movie, or even possibly the trailer.


So to simply point out to that the viewers should watch the film first before criticising, and to also raise the flag on the reason


Whether you are a filmmaker or not, you can see why this level of monitoring and response is necessary. Social media signals are strong ranking signals PLUS the posts are permanent.


How many posts will Click For Traffic's service send out weekly?

The posting frequency varies based on the group quality and responses to posts e.g. lack of activity or slow responses to pending posts from group admins.

The best times to post can be extracted if you allow access to your accounts, but this is not essential and account access and management is only allowed on the Increase Your Reach and Influence and Maximise Your Reach and Engagement plans. We have tools to analyse your engagement patterns to pick out the best times to post.

Where Social Media Management of your accounts is included, we will manage posts to your Facebook page, monitor responses to posts and respond, increase your Twitter and LinkedIn connections, and other tasks we can discuss.

If you are targeting a B2B audience, LinkedIn Pulse articles broadcast to your connections are effective. This could be a curated snippet from your blog for example with a link from the Pulse page to the full article on your blog.

We can create and manage a group for your services able to sell your services or products by inviting a targeted audience to join. The group would be an information portal of tips and guides of interest to your audience where we can drop in your services for the members to view. Targeted audiences like useful tips and help, this builds trust in your brand.

You can schedule your posts. Need specific days and periods? Request specific days and times for the posts in this format as an example:

Can you share my video only on Fridays and Saturdays between 4pm and 9pm.

Increase Your Reach and Influence Post Frequency: 2-3 unique written posts every 3 hrs, to 5 social media networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest), approximately 30 posts a day. Social media management is available for two of your own accounts depending on your B2B or B2C focus. See details below for each plan.

Maximise Your Reach and Engagement Post Frequency: 4-5 unique written posts every 3 hrs, to 5 social media networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest), approximately 40 posts a day. Social media management is available for your own Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest accounts.

You may choose which two accounts you want managed. Though, as a guide, if you own a shop selling to the public, you want a glossy Pinterest boards page for your types of products. If you offer a business service, LinkedIn will connect you with 1000s of businesses.


What Will The Increase Your Reach and Influence Plan Do For £199?

This plan will combine several digital marketing tasks over 3 months. This is best for businesses wanting to combine social media marketing, social media management and search engine optimisation. If you are sharing a blog page from your own site, for example, and you want it to have a chance at ranking properly too, this package suits your goals.

An example of the reach potential: Groups selected are active with members with varied influence in your niche and up to thousands of members per group.

This plan starts with the SEO and Social Media Profile reports. These will show you how to optimise your site and social network pages for targeted searches.

The report will be created during month 1 from a deep analysis of your page layouts, keywords used, and META tags for each page. It will suggest changes to those tags and keywords to improve your SEO. The report will be sent to you as a PDF during month 2.

The report will also suggest META tag changes and present other failures including broken links, missing ALT tags, lack of responsive design and more. The report presents an easy-to-follow list of content and tag change suggestions for your developer or CMS editor.

Plus, a section on competitor analysis to see why higher ranking competitors beat your site.

If you want us to implement the changes, ask for a quote on optimising your top landing pages.

We are here to assist and answer queries regarding using the report. Consider us your consultant during the 3 month plan.

TIP: We recommend the use of WordPress and the Yoast SEO plugin to quickly optimise your pages.

You can just order the SEO Report separately if you prefer though you gain more value for your fee if ordering Click For Traffic as a longer term plan to also focus on your social media network exposure and influence.

Your monthly package will cover all your SEO needs for long term organic growth.

This £199 package combines the effective and necessary digital marketing methods into a customised package covering:

  • SEO and Social Media Profile Report highlights any errors affecting rankings of your top landing pages. The second part offers suggestions on optimising your social media profile pages e.g. LinkedIn title, Facebook page name and links, your brand message, your position in your industry. I will analyse your Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook Page, Google+ Page and Pinterest profile pages to show you how to optimise the titles and descriptions.
  • Social Media Marketing via Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. No access to your accounts is needed if you prefer. If do wish to pass management to us, this package covers two accounts.

Some current and previous clients of this service below. Throughout the 3 month period, we will create posts to share on active social media network groups and pages.

The emphasis is on hitting influencers in your market and maximising your reach and exposure to fresh audiences.


What Will The Maximise Your Reach and Engagement Plan Do For £399?

This third plan will carry out all the tasks listed in the The Increase Your Reach and Influence plan and deliver on  extra powerful digital marketing tactics.

Content marketing and strong authoritative back links will raise your influence on search engines. A site needs a high link quality not a high link number. It’s not a numbers game, less is more. Just a handful of high quality links will hook up more conversion funnels to your site.

The emphasis here is on influencer marketing. What is that? In its simplest terms, connecting with strong voices within social media networks already connected to a mass target audience in your industry. This package brings the best parts of a SEO plan and the most effective social media marketing tasks needed into one package.

A group will be created to create a community of interest targeted businesses or folks likely to interact with your products. If you look at the movie groups on Facebook as an example, notice how many target a genre such as horror or a beloved title like Harry Potter. This package will involve sharing your products with groups interested in your wares and also create a group to bring those targets into a controlled group. As the group grows, as you keep sharing useful info, trust in you will grow.

Since business directory listings rank well, we will set up a number of these. Top site choices include Yelp and Yell. These listings show details of your services and your web site.

Blog commenting, not one to be missed. By joining discussion threads on high traffic articles in your niche, you will notice fresh traffic funnels to your site. If for example, you have just launched a game for children aged between 7 and 11, we would look for blogs where games in that range are talked about. These could be reviews where blog commenting is enabled. Then we add useful non-promotional comments to the thread with a link to your site in the fields given. These are usually nofollow links i.e. no ranking benefits. But, high traffic blogs with comments bring a new and permanent stream of traffic to your site.




I will confirm my availability when we talk for the above options.


You will receive a report document showing the outcomes of each part of your campaign being performed over the contractual period.


Do You Have Other Low Cost Marketing Services Of Use To Me?

We also offer a list of hourlies on People Per Hour for even more marketing at low costs.

Ask for the details.


For Social Media Marketing to work, a business must think towards long term marketing goals. It takes time to properly improve influence, trust, reach, and rankings. By contracting me as your appointed Social Marketing and SEO Consultant / Manager, we can get started on your long term investment for exponential gain.


So, chat with me about your social media marketing.

Are you a:

Game Designer


Want help with Google AdWords or Facebook Ads. My packages do cover PPC, view the option from the Main Menu.

Choose one of two monthly services over 3 months above.

Call me now on 07092876419 or use the form and Contact me to learn how I can help you get your brand found on social media channels and increase your conversions from TODAY.



Our Partner Low Cost Gigs

For sites that are well positioned on Google, it may be that the site is already optimised well for Google, and just needs 3 months of link building to catch some extra top search terms. Perhaps try the low cost SEO services first to see if a nudge is all that is needed e.g. an extra Google local listing for a term, or social traffic from Facebook to increase your brand influence and site virality.




Recent Clients and Projects