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Click For SEO – Marketing that brings results

As a long-term SEO consultant, my experience has led to building a customised package called Click For Traffic to suit all budgets. The package offers customised solutions for our specialist markets: Filmmakers, Web Developers, Publishers, Game Designers and Event Technology Suppliers.

A major part of our approach makes effective use of social media marketing. Social is the Future.

And Click For SEO will create an engagement package for your brand to meet your customers. You do not want any traffic, you want targeted traffic visiting your products.

Digital Marketing Services

On-Page SEO Audit Report:

Why a report? Google ranks pages not web sites, so every page on your site needs to be optimised.  This report in a PDF format provides a detailed sitewide analysis gives recommendations on optimisation for Google, Bing and Yahoo.


Content Writing For Your Blog, Adwords, Social Channels, Products

To stay competitive and get found on Google, you must be writing and sharing useful high quality content aimed at your audience. Get content written for your audience. Click For SEO will also share your content on relevant social groups. We shall write content for product descriptions, social discussions and blog articles. What do you need? Blog articles, product ads, or a round of posts for your business Facebook page? Perhaps you need a press release, or guest posts for a top industry blog in your niche.


Build Links, Build Targeted Traffic Funnels, Build Brand Exposure with ClickForTraffic!
Expand your online presence and get found and gain trust and authority as part of a long term digital marketing plan, place your brand in front of buyers!
The ClickForSEO Monthly Package – Click For Traffic

A.  Balanced SEO and Social Media Package – sharing your content and creating discussions around your brand on targeted social media groups across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. Your site will be optimised page to page to make sure search engines can rank your pages.

B.  I am able to liaise directly with a company contact or a marketing team each month. I shall ensure the contact is kept aware of any social marketing trends and strategies.

C.  Reports will show where Key Performance Indicators ( KPIs ) are influencing the metrics in line with objectives.

D.  Tracking of all links and ensuring that performance is monitored to locate the best converting methods (varies niche to niche as we build targeted campaigns).


Why should you invest in SEO and Social Media Marketing?

To rephrase that: how do you create a campaign that delivers long term results at less costs?

Are you a small business needing to be found?
Are you an author or filmmaker needing recognition of your latest creative project?
Are you a web development firm with an innovative new tool to market?
Are you an enterprise firm spending huge amounts on Google PPC and not seeing long term competitive results?

I also optimise your on-page web content (META tags, page tags and keywords). Your business site needs to be optimised properly so that the pages are crawled properly by Google, Bing and Yahoo – the only search engines that matter.

I will choose the best keywords, set your brand up to compete and rank for your best terms. Each link to your site is a permanent link from an engaged audience where I will build trust in your brand. After trust, they will come to your site first. I will engage in discussions with your audience using Social Media, Forums Blogs, and Q&A sites like Quora.

Choose the right package above or contact us for advice on your SEO marketing best fit.

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