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The Best Digital Marketing Jobs Now and Into 2016

Posted by | December 3, 2015 | Blog


As you can see from the SEO jobs listed – and when I say SEO that covers the whole gamut from social media management to content to analytics – there are so many Digital Marketing Jobs across the UK. There is huge demand for skilled marketers to fill these positions at agencies. Smaller companies lack the time and need to pay someone to handle all digital work from posting articles to full strategy plans.

That could be you if looking for a digital marketing role?

Though, which are best?

We looked at lists from Search Engine Journal and Morgan McKinley to find out.

  1. 7 of The Best Digital Marketing Jobs for Work-Life Balance

    46% of full-time working men and women reported that their job demands interfered with their family life, according to a survey conducted in 2010 from the 2015 Economic Report of the President.

    Work-life balance is what many professionals aim to achieve. It is tough to juggle a successful career, a happy family life, and a strong physical well-being, while maintaining good social relationships, all at the same time.

    In the digital marketing industry, professionals are expected to deal with the rigorous demands of their career—high expectations of clients, tight deadlines, in-depth researches, tons of analytics, and roll-out of campaign executions. These career demands often take a toll on other aspects of one’s life.

  2. If we turn the clock back four to five years, many firms knew digital marketing was something they had to invest in so that their competitors didn’t gain an early advantage. However, I’m sure most had no idea exactly how much of an investment these shiny new marketing types would be.

    Digital marketeers have proven their worth online with slick looking websites, providing new channels and avenues for content, brand and communications. But that was just the tip of the iceberg. Now? It is much, much more. Employers are really beginning to understand and appreciate what a solid digital marketing function can do and how they can really add value. In many instances they are starting to integrate digital marketing skills into their core marketing function.

    So what are we to expect then, from a hiring perspective, in the near future?