5 Social Media ROI & Measurement Books to Grow Your Social Business

One of the most compelling challenges for companies entering the world of social business is measurement. The ability to attribute cause and effect directly can be elusive when it comes to measuring business outcomes like increased sales, improved customer retention and lowered support costs. But that’s only because this is new territory. ┬áBusiness participation with […]

Tips on Video: B2B Facebook, Social ROI & Repurposing Social Content

While traveling recently in New Zealand and a short stay in Sydney, Australia I shot a few videos offering social media marketing tips. Check them out below and you can also view many other tips videos and interviews we’ve done with search and social media marketing experts on the ┬áTopRank Online Marketing YouTube Channel. Tips […]

Which Flavor of Social Commerce Is Right For You?

Social Commerce is a very hot topic right now with numerous blog posts, articles and even a few events focused on ecommerce and social media. Adding ecommerce functionality to social sites is something that I’ve wondered about for quite a while: “What I’d like to see more of is the availability of basic ecommerce functions […]

What Does Real Social Media Success Look Like?

As I’ve been able to travel and meet marketers all over the U.S. and in other countries, I am always interested in learning how companies are viewing the value of their social media efforts. Marketing investments should be predicated by more than chasing the competition, satisfying someone’s ego or acting solely on a gut feeling. […]