Optimizing Your Meta Description to Benefit Your SEO Campaign

By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Peter_A._Santiago]Peter A. Santiago The Meta Description on your website page does not have any influence on the way your website will rank within search results. In the past, it was a factor, but the importance of a Meta Description on a website’s ranking has declined over the years. Despite this description no longer having[…]

3 Phases of Social Media SEO – Where Are You At?

As Google puts the squeeze on traditional ranking signals and subsequently, Search Engine Optimization tactics, the growing emphasis on social signals has many SEO practitioners getting more serious about social engagement. While search marketing has been a key part of our consulting practice since 2001, our Online Marketing agency’s work with Public Relations and blogging […]

Blog Marketing Strategy: 7 Steps to Social SEO Success

At BlogWorld Expo in New York this week I presented a session about Dominating Your Niche with Social Content and SEO.  It was crammed with information and I know there are many online marketers looking for practical advice on business blogging and blog marketing that didn’t attend.  Based on the blog marketing we do here […]

Essentials of Integrating SEO & Social Media

There’s a recent surge in the business press about incorporating social media and search or basically a more holistic approach to natural search optimization. While many popular biz pubs are catching on, bloggers and consultants like the team at TopRank Marketing have been covering the topic for a while.  To help marketers better understand the […]

Social Media Optimization for Public Relations

I’m here at the PRSA International conference in Washington D.C. and the conversations about social media are to be found everywhere. The halls, the exhibit floor, sessions and even at the fantastic dinner hosted by Shonali Burke last night. Yesterday I gave a 4 hour workshop or, “SEO Bootcamp for Communicators” as it was titled. […]

Recipe for Blogging Success at BlogWorld New Media Expo

Marketers like formulas and what better metaphor for successful online marketing with blogs than a recipe? At the upcoming BlogWorldExpo conference in Las Vegas, I’ll be giving my recipe for success using Social Media and SEO in two ways: First, I’ll be doing a solo presentation on Social Media SEO, giving bloggers a tested methodology […]