Optimizing Your Meta Description to Benefit Your SEO Campaign

By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Peter_A._Santiago]Peter A. Santiago The Meta Description on your website page does not have any influence on the way your website will rank within search results. In the past, it was a factor, but the importance of a Meta Description on a website’s ranking has declined over the years. Despite this description no longer having[…]

SEO Tip: Why Creating a Google Author Profile Can Increase Site Traffic by Up to 50 Percent

By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Yuwanda_Black]Yuwanda Black Some webmasters and bloggers have found that just by creating their Google Author profile, site traffic has increased by anywhere from 15 to 50 percent. Proof? In the MediaShift article, Google Authorship: Why It’s Important and How to Implement It, the author states that a number of blogs have seen traffic increase[…]

Thank You, Google Overlords

Running a website not optimized for smartphones? Guess what, you’ve been put on notice. Google is using its influence and the power of its algorithm to finally force web publishers to fix their mobile website configuration issues, or risk getting downranked in Google Search. Directing smartphone users to 404′s? You lose. Sending smartphone users looking[…]

Expanding Your Reach: How Do You Attract New Customers to Your Coffee …

Expanding your Reach How do you attract new customers to your coffee shop beyond the people that walk by or are already familiar with your shop? A good location, unique and consumer-friendly environment, an alternate product offering and of course great coffee is a good start, but considering that anyone can get coffee anywhere, is[…]

10 Genius Tips on How to Create a Podcast Your Prospects Love

Forget Facebook. The hot new topic in social and content marketing is definitely podcasting. The Social Media Examiner’s 2013 Marketing Industry report found that while just 3% of marketers are currently using custom podcasts, 24% plan to figure out how to create a podcast, and implement the practice in the near future: Image Credit: Social[…]

10 essential tips for your company’s web design project

Tickets On Sale Now Joe Griffin has served as the co-founder and CEO at iAcquire, a digital marketing firm, since 2008. Re-launching a website is a massive, multi-layered task for any business. You have make decisions not only about the best and branding — a re-launch requires a seemingly endless checklist of tasks: benchmarking, content strategy, audience[…]