INFOGRAPHIC: How A Reverse Proxy Can Help Your SEO

Moz just come up trumps on anything digital marketing and their infographics are just as great. Used to be myths galore on reverse proxies. Fact is: they do not hurt SEO, the link juice is transferred to the new domain. From the Moz team on the pros of a Reverse Proxy: The server acts as[…]

On-Page SEO Basic Tips

Penguin 2.0 really took the SEO world by storm. More than a month after implementation, people are still focused on it. That’s well and good. Search engine optimisation experts should really be concerned about their sites’ link profile, the focus of this round of Google updates. But then again, they shouldn’t forget about their pages’[…]

SEO Tip: Why Creating a Google Author Profile Can Increase Site Traffic by Up to 50 Percent

By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Yuwanda_Black]Yuwanda Black Some webmasters and bloggers have found that just by creating their Google Author profile, site traffic has increased by anywhere from 15 to 50 percent. Proof? In the MediaShift article, Google Authorship: Why It’s Important and How to Implement It, the author states that a number of blogs have seen traffic increase[…]

SEO Mistakes to Avoid

At the heart of effective content marketing lies search engine optimization (SEO). Indeed, speak to any successful online marketer and they will likely say that an effective content marketing campaign lives or dies by its SEO. The process of adding targeted keywords to online text is a subtle art that these same marketers will also[…]

#Optimize Your Online Marketing With Social Media, SEO & Content

With the boom in brands publishing content and the explosion of user generated content from social networks, the competition to stand out is only going to get more challenging for companies that rely on the web to attract new business.  Online Marketers that adapt, evolve and scale through a more holistic approach to marketing online […]

How SEO Can Work With Content Strategy

Recently I spoke with Content Strategist, Margot Bloomstein, who was conducting research for an upcoming publication about Content Strategy intended for a variety of audiences. In particular, we discussed productive interactions and exchanges between Search Engine Optimization professionals and Content Strategists. Organizations advance their reach and engagement goals through content and Strategists work to audit, […]

Effective Use of Keywords in Content Marketing

I recently had an interesting discussion with Ron Jones who is writing a book specifically on using keywords for online marketing called “Keyword Intelligence“. He was researching for the content marketing portion of the book and we talked about where keywords fit. These kinds of discussions are great for blog posts so here are a […]

SES Toronto: SEO is Dead. No it’s Not.

Moderated by Jonathen Allen, the SEO is Dead. Long live SEO! session included a number of “salty dog” SEO experts: Terry Van Horne, Jim Hedger and Garry Pryzklenk. Essentially, the key questions discussed in this panel centered around what is it that we’re doing as marketers that could be considered as SEO vs. Marketing.  Other topics […]

3 Phases of Social Media SEO – Where Are You At?

As Google puts the squeeze on traditional ranking signals and subsequently, Search Engine Optimization tactics, the growing emphasis on social signals has many SEO practitioners getting more serious about social engagement. While search marketing has been a key part of our consulting practice since 2001, our Online Marketing agency’s work with Public Relations and blogging […]