How Public Relations Can Avoid Failing at SEO

Our Online Marketing agency at TopRank has been providing practitioners in the Public Relations industry information and insight on Search Engine Optimization for nearly 10 years. Starting with adding SEO to our media relations services in 2001 to providing SEO consulting  to PR industry leaders like Vocus, PRWeb and The PRSA, we’ve been in the […]

8 Social SEO Questions Public Relations Pros Need the Answers To

In the course of providing expertise and advice, I’ve really come to believe that it’s more important now than ever for Public Relations professionals to accelerate their knowledge of SEO and Social Media. The storytelling business is a competitive one and great messaging isn’t realized until it connects with influencers and those in a position […]

5 Tips: Content Sharing Beyond Facebook

Alright, you’ve just come up with a brilliant and revolutionary idea that will forever change the face of your industry. So what do you do now? If you’re like a lot of people, you run to Facebook and share it with your friends, colleagues, and anyone that will listen. Is that a bad strategy? Not […]

Will the Real Social Media PR Consultant Please Stand Up?

Do you have what it takes to be a social media consultant? Knowing how to use social technology is not the same as being able to effectively market to customers with measurable outcomes using social media. This post takes a look at the myth of the social media user promoted as an expert vs. the social media marketing practitioner that can facilitate real business value through the social web.

The Junction of Social Media & Content Marketing in New Zealand

In a little over a week I’ll be giving the opening keynote at a social media conference in Auckland, New Zealand called Social Media Junction. The topic? The answer to one of the most common questions asked about social media:  ”The Truth About Social Media ROI”. New Zealanders aka “Kiwis” are an active bunch on […]