Are You Influenced By Online Reviews? Your Customers Digest Them

Moz have looked at this marketing strategy a few times. There are ways to create a portal of high quality online reviews without resorting to fake ones as on so many sites. Moz posted an interesting image, People trust online reviews from friends and those who have earned their trust. If people trust your content,[…]


INFOGRAPHIC: How A Reverse Proxy Can Help Your SEO

Moz just come up trumps on anything digital marketing and their infographics are just as great. Used to be myths galore on reverse proxies. Fact is: they do not hurt SEO, the link juice is transferred to the new domain. From the Moz team on the pros of a Reverse Proxy: The server acts as[…]


What Does Organic SEO Really Mean – What is SEO?

SEOSherpa have created a fantastic infographic to explain the fundamentals of good and bad SEO practices. These are known areas to any digital pro but some still try and cheat Google or stick to some of the old ways. If you are in a position to learn what is SEO, this infographic reveals all the[…]


Get Optimised for Mobile Views – Mobile Optimisation

Google demand mobile optimisation! Google’s new update has cracked its whip on any site not mobile friendly. It is no surprise this came about considering the explosion in web traffic coming from phones and tablets. And did I say make it responsive: how does your site look on tablets, phones, notebooks? If unsure, hop across[…]

7 Reasons Why Content is a Must for Online Marketing

Online marketing occupies center stage in the overall promotional initiatives of an organization, and the discussion moves on to an effective marketing campaign. Content forms the core of these initiatives. The efficacy of the content and the intrigue factor gives a push to the sales prospects of a product. This relates to the immediate impact[…]

Freelance Writers: Start earning from today with a popular updated ebook

Back in 2012, I broadcast my first eBook on freelance writing, aimed at newbie writers and mainly at those needing to find ways to figure out how to earn from writing content. The book follows my exact plan which enabled me to get out of the rut I was in financially, and went onto be[…]