5 reasons your content marketing tactic is doomed to fizzle and die

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Content marketing is one of the hottest trends in digital marketing right now. Since everyone is doing it, why should you be any different? Sadly, posting a few articles on your blog every month won’t cut it. There’s more to content marketing than meets the eye, and it you want to see results your strategy must go beyond basic content creation.

To succeed and become truly visible online, you need a well-planned and well-researched strategy. It’s the only way to leverage the power of your content. Sadly, many people don’t believe in the wonders of content marketing. Some of the common mistakes are listed below:

  • No target audience

No content marketing strategy can truly succeed if you don’t know your audience. It’s fundamental to know your buyer persona in order to find out what they want. Done properly, a buyer persona will help you understand the person that just clicked your website.

For a content marketing campaign to work at its fullest potential, you have to “read” the reader. Who are they? What do they do? How much time they spend on your site? What do they like to read when they’re on your site?

Buyer personas are extremely valuable. They offer you a lot of information about your visitor, and they somehow portray the profile of the perfect reader. Each and every piece of content that you choose to publish on your site needs to be targeted. Very few marketers do it, and that’s one of the main reasons your campaign is doomed.

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  • Too general analytics

It’s a colossal mistake to focus on major metrics only when crafting a content marketing strategy. Ignoring in-depth analytics is yet another reason why your tactics don’t render the results that you expect. Having a general overview of your website’s performance is more than recommended.

But you can’t just focus on the general. You need to assess everything in more detail. Think of metrics like visitor sessions, page views, organic traffic, exit pages, and more.

It’s ok to worry about who did what when accessing your website. But you all need to know more about the “why”. To fully understand your audience, marketers must spend time analyzing what turns visitors off; what scares them, what compelled them to leave without completing their planned purchase.

Pay more attention to traffic retention stats. They will tell you whether or not your content is creative enough for people to check out.

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  • No content distribution

Marketers today have a lot of faith in top-notch content. However, somehow even if you write the coolest blog post, people are not interested to like and share it. Why does that happen?

Well, it happens because you haven’t paid enough attention to content distribution. Since millions of awesome posts go live daily, there’s someone out there with better content than you.

In the world of digital marketing, the king may be the content. But the queen is distribution. Apart from writing awesome content, you need to spend time promoting it yourself. Spice things up and transform your content into a slide on SlideShare.

Consider content syndication on the most well-known publishing networks, craft a whiteboard video that centers on your content and put it on YouTube, use social media to build awareness, and participate in discussions by commenting on other people’s blog.


  • Unappealing call-to-actions

Your website may feature killer content. But if that content doesn’t have a motivating call-to-action at the end, your readers won’t know what to do next. It’s up to you to encourage them to take action – whether that means keep reading or buy something.

Properly placed call-to-actions boost leads. They compel a reader to subscribe, so you shouldn’t ignore this aspect if you don’t want all your marketing efforts to go down the drain.


  • You’re boring

Unless you find a way to make your content fun to read, you’ll never make it in the cut-throat world of digital marketing. Don’t assume that everyone like to read blog posts that are 3000 word long. Find a way to spice things up. Use crafty pictures, infographics, GIFs and videos to grab people’s attention, and give them a reason to keep reading.

Rather than wait and watch your digital marketing campaign fizzle and die, why not do something about it? If you can’t do it yourself, ask for help. There has to be a web digital agency out there that understands your business mantra. All you have to do accept and implement their recommendations.


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