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Which tool is best for your SEO campaigns? And do you need 1, 2, 10, how many??

Just type free seo tools into Google, and more choices arrive than you need or want. The expanding plethera of tools promising to make your campaigns more efficient just keep coming.

First ask yourself if you go randomly hunting, what will the tool do for my campaigns? Will there be a learning curve? Is it well supported by a team? Will it assist with faster reporting and quickly produce reports able to be followed?

There are some tools that should be a daily part of your analytics. These are usually the standard when it comes to all those metrics loved by SEO managers. At the very least, use and get familiar with:

Google Keyword Planner

Moz Free Tools

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Google Webmaster Tools


Get used to those if not already making them a crucial segment in your SEO campaigns. One site to keep checking as most SEO’ers know is Moz and they have a nice roundup of tutorials on SEO and link building. Screaming Frog is a gem of a tool as it produces complete reports on any issues affecting the optimisation of your web pages.

Many tools out there charge a lot of money for what Screaming Frog delivers for free. They do have a premium option but for most campaigns, their free tool will give you details of the top checks: TITLE tags, H1 tag placement, Missing Tags, META descriptions, Duplicate Tags, ALT tags, and so much more.

There are some sites to keep an eye on. Their influence in the SEO tools review webosphere is trusted. This list can be quite a read so rather than be bogged down by too many choices, start with one or two like the ones above if new to SEO. If a pro, these lists may provide useful additions to your marketing arsenal.

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Happy SEO reporting and implementations Folks.