Twitter Rules The World Of Up To The Minute News – Here is Why



Let’s face it, if we want up to the minute, up to the moment news, we turn to Twitter. 1000s of people who are not journalists in the right place at the right time capture photos of news worthy events eventually caught by the TV news networks. Okay, news networks do a good job of ensuring their 24 hour channels keep updated constantly for news flashes when a piece of news needs broadcasting. But it will never be as quick as the 1000s of Twitter profiles, on 1000s of smartphones where news right now is just a click away.

This quote from Business Grow nails it:

Twitter has re-defined what it means to be a journalist. Who can ever forget the first images that emerged from the Hudson River plane crash or any number of natural disasters around the world. Most of the time, even mainstream news channels are carrying photos posted on Twitter as the news is happening. Today a journalist is anybody who is capturing an event when you are not … even from the surface of Mars.

What does this mean for the marketer?

Whether you are sitting on a bench, at an agency, working from home or on the way to work on the bus, you have the means to update the world with the latest news around your products. Your latest tip, or PDF can be edited and blasted to Twitter followers without any road blocks like approval processes or waiting for email responses.

And with the right ###hashtag###, your tweeted news hits trends and engages with a huge audience; your post hits the following for that hashtag delivering news items.

Twitter provides real-time access to news no matter how controversial or the niche.

What Twitter success hit you lately and how did you achieve the results?

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