Keyword Research – What keywords should you choose to target?

keyword research

You may just use the AdWords planner to crank out a keyword list. Or you may be using a few to compare results with Keyword Planner like Wordtracker. But how much value does the keyword lend to your chosen market?

An AdWords campaign can test a landing page quite well to see if the target keyword can actually get the impressions stated by the tool. Each niche has so many keywords, so many long tail versions that you could spend weeks setting up landing pages, each targeting one of the keywords.

Well, yes, that is right. Testing is simply part of keyword research and all you need is a structure to help along. You could just choose based on search volume and competition but how much testing should you do to establish the true value of that target keyword.

Moz have come up with a nice article on approaching campaigns with a broad targeting mindset. The less competitive keyword with low search volume could be your ticket to sale3s not the high search volume terms. From using this Moz approach, you can quickly get to the keywords that are of real value.

From the article on keyword research:

So maybe I’m looking at Chow fun and sort of all the keyword sets around those, that Chinese noodle world. Maybe I’m looking at pad Thai, a very popular Thai noodle, particularly in the U.S., and maybe Vietnamese rice noodles or bun. I’m trying to figure out which of these is the one that I should target. Should I start creating a lot of pad Thai recipes, a lot of Chow fun recipes? Should I go research one or the other of these? Am I going to chase the mid and long tail keywords?


Take a look at the keyword research article as it uses a real world campaign to demonstrate