What Does Organic SEO Really Mean – What is SEO?

SEOSherpa have created a fantastic infographic to explain the fundamentals of good and bad SEO practices. These are known areas to any digital pro but some still try and cheat Google or stick to some of the old ways. If you are in a position to learn what is SEO, this infographic reveals all the safe and really bad SEO practices.


Rather than try to game the system, key into your strategy: writing for your audience not the SEs, links set up to relate to the content targeted, instead of creating 1000s of links, use organic SEO methods to create natural links. What is SEO? It is about ‘less is more’, creating a range of high quality links from useful shared content that resonates with your audience.

Spend time on your social network profiles, set up your blog to answer key questions posed by your audience, and engage with your content and your audience. Track how your audience reacts to your marketing: use Hootsuite to monitor social feeds and trends, use Google tools to choose the best keywords and watch how your site traffic grows, use Search Engine Optimal to find the best news in the SEO world.