How to Master SEO

SEO is an essential ingredient for any website yet often overlooked in the rush to get a website up and running.

This workshop will help you understand the methods used for:

·         On page and Off page SEO

·         Ranking Algorithm

·         How to generate effective keywords

·         How to use social bookmarking sites to generate traffic

·         Compete with competitors using SEO

·         Learn how to use publishing tools

These methods will show you how to;

·         Increase you’re website ranking

·         Increase traffic and potential sales

·         Target a specific audience

·         Raise awareness of your company online

·         Generate new potential audiences

You will also receive a free SEO toolkit with 75 tools to help you fulfil your SEO potential.

Note this workshop is specifically aimed at those who are NOT web designers – little technical skill is required to improve your SEO using proven techniques accessible to all abilities.

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