The Top 5 SEO Copywriting Tips

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If you need to stand out against your competition these days, knowing about copywriting for marketing campaigns is a prerequisite. Though, another part of this skill is needed and that is SEO copywriting. You need to know how to optimise your web copy for Google so that your site is found before your competitors. So here are 5 seo copywriting tips for you:

1. What keywords target your niche? You need to know this before writing your articles, press releases and blogs. For example, if you are targeting ‘cheap holidays’, what associated phrases are being typed into Google? These words need to be in your copy so keyword research must be done first. Use Google’s keyword tool and Wordtracker to pick out low competition 2 and 3 word phrases.

2. From the phrases found, finding long tail versions is one of the top seo copywriting tips. The above digging should have provided a list e.g. cheap package holidays, very cheap holidays, cheap family holidays. The longer tail versions may be instant good titles such as ‘The Best Cheap Holidays to Europe’. Your choice of title for the content albeit for your web site or a newswire is crucial. The title needs to contain the phrases being searched for on Google. See what comes up on Google for the terms, and get a feel for the kinds of titles appearing in the top 10.

3. Choose phrases from your list that yield a high number of searches. Try and pick low competition ones if possible or dig further on Google’s tool. Each web page should target no more than 2 to 3 keywords and at 2-3% density. So, basically: one instance in the TITLE, another in the first paragraph, middle and last paragraph and/or signature. The latest Penguin update is watching for sites trying to stuff high densities of keywords. Additionally, check the CPC value, and aim for keywords above $1 or a pound.

4. Aim to write an article for every phrase you have found. Choose to own the content by first submitting to your own site or blog. Afterwards, further articles on other sites can be used for link building. Make sure you are writing for the reader and not the search engines. Ensure the keywords are placed in a relevant fashion in the article.

5. Bold the target phrase in the text, italise another. Just one each, no need for more. Create a hyperlink, two links really work. On the use of HTML add: 1 H1 heading, 2 H2 headings, and 1 H3 heading. You can add more H3 and H4 ones for sub-headings but do not overdo it. Hyperlink one instance to another relevant page or if from another site to your most relevant site page. This can also be done in the article bio signature if the latter.

Follow these simple SEO copywriting tips used by SEO copywriters every day and you will see traffic changes to your site and improved ranking. It takes time and a lot of patience but results can be very quick for a lot of niches. Many people make money every day just mastering this skill; some do not even have a web site.

If you understand the search engines, in turn, they will understand you and the relationship will be a profitable one.

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