Google Tells Us Why "Unnatural Link Warnings" Ask For SEO Services Used

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A variety of smart SEOs have been debating why Google’s unnatural link warnings prompt webmasters for details on the SEO services they used. Of particular note is this excellent case study on Youmoz. 

At stake in the debate: lots of time savings and a fairly easy, predictable and effective way to buy rankings and income by paying blog networks to manufacture backlinks for you.

poker chips
Caption: Thinking critically is at the core of SEO and solves high-stake debates.

Obviously this competes with AdWords, because you’re buying the same traffic, just from different parties. And it makes Google look stupid. So it’s no surprise it’s against the guidelines.

(It can’t be about Google protecting users from user-unfriendly websites in the rankings because if the websites that ranked didn’t convert – the ultimate measure of user satisfaction – no one would be buying these links.)

The debate revolves around how Google uses the data.

Side 1: Google Gets the Data to Whack-a-Mole the Blog Networks’ Properties

At Warrior Forum in particular, but elsewhere too, webmasters claim that Google can’t be whacking these sites algorithmically, but based on webmasters’ reports.

1) If Google were penalizing sites algorithmically, why bother asking for the data from penalized webmasters? 

2) Furthermore, they argue, an algorithmic approach would make negative SEO  quite easy. (Negative SEO means violating Google’s guidelines on behalf of a competitor to get them penalized.)

3) Third, if the penalty is algorithmic, why haven’t 100% of the networks’ sites been hit? Therefore, Google asks for the data to whack as large a percentage of the networks as possible. It’s casting FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) against a competing business model.

Side 2: Google Did it Algorithmically and Blog Networks are Dead

This side claims that Google may have bought a seed list of sites by using this technique, but once they identified the networks’ footprint, the rest was done algorithmically.

This doesn’t enable negative SEO because… well, people don’t say. This Warrior Forum post suggests it is possible.

From my experience with reinclusion requests and from hearing penalties at the keyword level, it appears that Google has minimized the possible impact of negative SEO and gives a site that comes clean its rankings back without too much delay.

The result is that the effort at dislodging a competitor is expensive, short-lived or even restricted to some keywords, and thus the ROI (compared to building or buying your own links) is dubious.

It’s quite clever: Google has used lateral thinking to carry over a rule from the world of web and software security. There, experts agree that you can’t 100% prevent getting hacked, but you can create measures to minimize the damage.

So why haven’t 100% of blog network sites been hit, if it was algorithmic?

Ah – that goes to the heart of the question: Why are Google’s spam hunters asking for data on the SEO services used by penalized webmasters?

Matt Cutts recently provided the answer to why Google seeks human spam report data, in December of last year, in the context of human quality raters.

The reason why Google wants details on SEO services used for “unnatural link building” is for quality control on algorithms. Like playing hot and cold, the data tells Google how accurate its algo is at detecting paid links. As Matt said: “Rule #1: Don’t muck with the data you use to evaluate algo quality.”

Which also tells us that the spam reports requested with unnatural link warnings probably are used to audit the algo quality without being “mole pointers” for the ongoing whack-a-mole game.

Finding this answer is another example of lateral thinking, one of the 7 principles of advanced SEO.

Some other useful / interesting items on human raters:

Whack-a-mole pic via Herman Sylvester.

Lunatics in the Boardroom

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A wry smile surfaced while digesting an article about boardroom behaviour in large organisations.   Luke Johnston, never one to hold back, wrote a very poignant article about how boards of large companies are often beset by politics leaving these gargantuan organisations bereft of direction.

Sadly, these behaviours are only far too common in the entrepreneurial life sciences sector.  When speaking  with entrepreneurs, investors and board directors who have successfully created significant returns for shareholders.   I won’t repeat what many of them had to say.  I can understand why.

Last week, a seasoned medtech executive turned investor talked about a medtech board populated with bankers and financiers. They wanted to make a decision to curtail  a 2-year post-marketing safety study for an implantable (recommended by the regulators) by one year because 6 month data was positive, to save cost.  Only with direct relevant, operational industry experience on the board was that decision overturned.

One Chairman who was brought in to rescue a failing biotech that had raised in excess of US$200M with nothing to show for it was damning in his criticism.  The inability to make the most simplest of decisions, often allowing a dominant CEO to force through their decisions without appropriate challenge.

So what’s the solution to building a board?  There is no bespoke off-the-shelf solution and each situation is unique.  There are volumes of information, guides and scholarly articles available in the public domain.  Luke Johnston suggests diversity in management (that includes the board) could help to reduce the very same insanity.  Bruce Booth, a fellow contributor here at Forbes, shares his experience and gives some great pointers on building high performing boards in biotech.

When I ask entrepreneurs in life sciences what they expect from their boards when shaping them, I often get this puzzled look as if I was an alien from Mars. Most of them assume they must have a board yet devote no time to understanding the value a board could bring them and what the board should be doing.

Let me elaborate.  Mid-2011, a bright, ambitious founding CEO of a start-up regenerative medicine business wanted an additional board director in addition to the two he was about to appoint. Probing why such a big board (growing to 8) for a company with 7 employees, a look of bemusement.   The CEO wanted their network and financial acumen.  A fair response, except that he hadn’t bothered to qualify deeply or ask my favourite killer question, “tell me a specific situation where you leveraged your network to create quantifiable, measurable value to a company where you held a board seat?”

That question alone makes most board candidates quiver and disqualifies most who claim to have a great network they can bring to a company. The CEO didn’t hire any of the board directors, recognising the immense disruption and economic loss that the wrong board could create for him in achieving his vision.

Boards can add immense value to fast-growing entrepreneurial businesses.  It doesn’t take much to establish expectations and the value expected and how to go out about filtering the immense piles of potential board candidates.  The downside is the destruction of hopes and dreams. Shares Tips For Article Marketing Resource Boxes

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Successful article submission service today released essential HTML resource box tips for article marketing

(Monday, April 30th, 2012) York, UK – The highly popular article submitter service,, today revealed on their article marketing blog, 7 essential HTML resource box tips for article writers.

The post was created as the first in a new “Wake Up Write” challenge recently announced on the site.

The writer of the post states that the text resource box is required as an essential part of the article submission process as not every publisher will accept an HTML resource box.

Entering an HTML resource box is optional. If the member of the service provides both an HTML resource box and a text one, then will submit the HTML one to every publisher who accepts that type of resource box, and use the text resource box for the publishers who don’t accept the HTML one.

What is the difference between the HTML resource box and the text resource box?

The writer claims that the text resource box is entirely in plain text, meaning there is no HTML code. In order to create a clickable link, the member will need to enter a full website URL, including the “http” at the beginning. When the member enters the URL in the text resource box, it automatically creates a clickable link.

The HTML resource box allows the member to create a different type of link, one where they can specify that the link is formed by certain words in the text. These words are called “anchor text”. Although it’s not necessary to know any HTML code in order to create an HTML resource box.

The writer then reveals facts which may be unknown to members regarding the resource box, such as the inability to use any formatting – “You can’t type in HTML code to create different colors, fonts, bold or underlining, etc. The HTML is used just for forming the anchor text link. The HTML resource box field will not accept HTML code that you type in.”

The post also suggests that the member does not need to know how to create HTML code in order to use the HTML resource box, and reveals exactly how this works on the blog.

To read more of these incredible facts, go to:


  resource box tips submit article article submitter article submission article distribution Contact Information Kimberley O’Callaghan Press Officer Takanomi Limited Contact via E-mail

This news content may be integrated into any legitimate news gathering and publishing effort. Linking is permitted.

News Release Distribution and Press Release Distribution Services Provided by WebWire.

Essential Net Marketing

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of chasing so called ‘easy money’ and just want to know the
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Website Traffic 101

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Plain and Simple Your Online
Business Must Have Traffic!”

Dear Friend,
Your Traffic Masterclass

If you have
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Plain and
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You need actual
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So it is safe to say that we all agree that a website needs traffic
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You Not Only Need Traffic,
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Now that we understand we need
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fixes their problem.

For example if someone is trying to
purchase a certain brand of golf club and you sell that brand of
golf club as an affiliate you want your website to come up so that
targeted visitor will be more apt to conduct business with you and
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Read on to learn how you can start
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G’day, New York: Aussies, flush with cash, are flocking to city

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The content you requested
requires a digital subscription.
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Google Penguin Update: 5 Types of Link Issues Harming Some Affected Websites

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google-penguinAre you angry and looking for answers about why your rankings vanished after Google released its Penguin update? One common factor thus far appears to be the signals of links that are pointing to your website, early analysis indicates.

The main purpose of the Penguin update is to put a deep freeze on web spam in Google’s search results. By extension, a big piece of that web spam appears to be links from low-quality networks.

Natural Links

Before we get into the new findings, first it’s important to understand a bit about Google and links.

Above all, Google considers links as editorial “votes”. So, theoretically, the sites that receive the most votes should rank higher on Google because more people find them valuable.

Google analyzes the quantity, quality, and relevance of websites that link to yours. When Google looks at your link profile, they’re looking at such things as what types of websites link to yours, how quickly you acquired these links, and the anchor text (the clickable words) used by the linking website. When Google’s algorithm detects such things as a large number of new links or an imbalance in the anchor text, it raises a big red flag.

As Google and many SEOs have preached for years, you’ll attract more links by creating unique, worthwhile content that others will want to link to naturally. If you want to learn more about Google, links, and link building, definitely read our posts “Why Links Matter”, “Filthy Linking Rich“, and “Introduction to Google PageRank: Myths Facts”.

Unnatural Links

For companies that have been hit by the Penguin update, one common theme appears to be a severe lack of natural links, according to a blog post by Glenn Gabe at G-Squared Interactive. He noted five common issues these sites are all facing:

  1. Paid text links using exact match anchor text: For companies that want to rank for a certain term (such as “red widgets”) one way to accomplish this is by buying links from other websites with that exact matching anchor text. This is against Google’s guidelines, as Google would consider this a paid link that exists solely to manipulate PageRank, rather than to provide any value to visitors.
  2. Comment spam: Two things proved problematic for websites trying to unnaturally rank for specific keywords: signatures in comments that contained exact match anchor text; and people who used a spammy user name (e.g., Best India SEO Company) as exact match text.
  3. Guest posts on questionable sites: Although guest posts are a legitimate way to earn links to your site, sites dinged by the Penguin had links pointing to their website from sites filled with low-quality articles where the focus was on the anchor text rather than the content.
  4. Article marketing sites: Thin content featuring links with exact match anchor text were another common factor among affected sites.
  5. Links from dangerous sites: Do you have inbound links from sites that have been flagged for malware, numerous pop-ups, or other spammy issues? This was another factor that caused websites to lose their Google rankings, so links to and from web spammers or “bad neighborhoods” are a danger.

Ultimately, the Penguin update didn’t really change anything that Google has deemed unacceptable. Google has just evolved its algorithm to catch up to those who try to loophole their way to higher Google rankings (and, to be fair, some who simply don’t know any better or fully understand SEO). If any (or all) of the above are your sole link building tactic(s), you probably aren’t doing enough to rank prominently long-term on Google anymore.

For those unfamiliar, Google has a section devoted to link schemes and makes no secret that such practices “can negatively impact your site’s ranking in search results.”

Penguin Recovery?

So, fix all these link issues, eliminate any instances of keyword stuffing, spun content, cloaking, and other spammy tactics and you’re guaranteed a Penguin recovery, right? Not necessarily. There are never any magical guarantees for gaining or regaining top search rankings and Google is notoriously tight-lipped about the exact signals it uses to detect web spam.

Additionally, Google is constantly making tweaks to its search algorithm. So check your traffic in analytics and make sure your traffic indeed was impacted starting on or after April 24. If your traffic vanished before this date, another change might be to blame – there was also a parked domain classifier issue the week prior to Penguin’s launch in addition to the latest Panda refresh on April 19.

Regardless, with the new tag team of Panda and Penguin, Google can put the smack down on websites that appear to be creating or supporting spam to increase their rankings in search engines. So even if you fix all these link signals, you still must make sure you have quality content.

But even beyond that, there are hundreds of other factors at play that Google’s algorithm looks at. Among them:

Life After Penguin

While it’s much easier to blame Google and sign a petition begging Google to kill its Penguin update, this isn’t the time to give up. Now is the time to look at your website, do a proper, careful evaluation of your inbound link profile, clean up your website, and devise a smarter marketing and business strategy that doesn’t rely on Google for the majority of your traffic and income so you can escape the endless loop of Google algorithm updates:


This isn’t to say Google or any search engine results are perfect – though now might be a good time to check out alternatives like Google’s closest competitor, Bing, or upstarts Blekko and DuckDuckGo. Google has created a Penguin feedback form for those who feel websites have been hit unfairly, but this update is algorithmic as opposed to a manual penalty (i.e., reviewed by a human), so don’t expect to see whatever rankings you’ve lost miraculously restored over night.

If you’re a small business, there are ways to Google-proof your marketing. And don’t forget to look for non-Google-based link opportunities.

But above all, sometimes when these algorithmic changes roll out, one of the wisest moves is to be patient and carefully analyze any changes before you react blindly to the latest penalty – because by the time you do that, Google will release the latest Panda or its next iteration of Penguin, and you’ll be trapped again in the endless loop of relying solely on a third party (Google) for your livelihood.

Below are some more link building and resources to read up on.

SES Toronto 2012 is June 11-13. Register before May 11 and save up to $300!

200 Pages of Instant Content – 10 Ready For Profit Websites 412

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Q. Will I need a separate domain name for each of the 10 sites?

A. No – you can host ALL your sites, or part of them, as subdirectories on a single domain. You can also set them up under keyword-rich subdomains that will help to create identity for each individual website.

Q. Is there any “upgrade” I have to buy to make my sites work?

A. No – I have no hidden “upgrades” that you have to buy later. You receive everything you need on the first rattle (except domain and hosting.)

Q. Is there any ongoing cost for running my websites?

A. You’ll need a domain name (about $12 a year) and a professional grade hosting account (about $10 a month.)

Q. Will you be billing me each month for any ongoing membership or service?

A. Absolutely NOT! This is a one-time purchase offer – plain and simple. There are NO auto-billing features involved in this offer.

Q. Will anyone else have links or ads on my sites – hidden or not?

A. NO! These sites will be yours, and yours alone. All ads, banners, and links will pay you – no one else.

Q. Are these sites compatible with WordPress?

A. No – these are static websites, not blogs.

Q. Will I have full control over the content and administration of my sites?

A. Absolutely YES! You will be the independent owner of 10 websites. You can develop them and do whatever you want with them.

Q. Can I “flip” (sell) my sites after they are set up on a domain?

A. You can sell live sites with domain name(s) – but you can not resell the site files. In other words, you DO NOT have “resell rights” to this product.

Q. Can my sites be shut down by Google or anyone else?

A. No one can shut your sites down. Nobody besides you will have administrative control over your sites. You will, however, be expected to abide
by the Terms of Service set forth by your hosting company and domain registrar.

Q. Are these sites already monetized?

A. Yes – ads, banners, and links are already embedded from Clickbank,, and Google Adsense.

Q. Can I include other products and affiliate links anytime I want?

A. Yes you can. If you do not have an Amazon or Adsense account, you can substitute banners and ads from any other affiliate programs and networks you choose.

Q. How much money will I make?

A. Only you can answer that question. This is an entry-level business and profit opportunity. How far you go with it is completely up to you.
Will you earn $10K in the next 3 months? Probably not. This is a business building opportunity – not a get rich quick myth.

Q. Can I include an opt in box to build my mailing list?

A. Yes you can. These sites are compatible with all autoresponder services and most self-hosted autoresponder software.

Q. Can I rewrite the articles to make them more original?

A. Yes – you will have full control over the article content in all your sites.

Q. Will duplicate content be a problem?

A. Duplicate content is not a problem unless you plan to make Google and other search engines your primary traffic source – which is a constant drudge
and (since search engines can shut off your traffic on a whim) a VERY risky thing to do.

Q. Can I add new articles, videos, and pages to my sites?

A. Yes – you can add new articles as often as you want. Only basic HTML knowledge is required. If you can work a keyboard and upload a file, you can do it.

Ribbun Among the Top Link Building Services Provider in the World

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Past Press Releases from Ribbun Software Pvt Ltd

Ribbun to Provide Profile Links

Ribbun Now One of Top SEO Services Provider in India

Social Bookmarking Service Unveiled by Ribbun

Article Submission Services by Ribbun SEO

Ribbun Opens Private Blog Network for Blog Posting

Executive Moves: April 30, 2012

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As opening nears, farmers market organizers, vendors meet

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Farmers Market

Farmers Market

Montrose Farmers Market marketing manager Abby Brewer stands on a rock Saturday near Centennial Plaza to point out to vendors where they will be setting up for the summer market, which begins May 12. (WILL HEARST/DAILY PRESS )

Posted: Sunday, April 29, 2012 3:15 am

Updated: 7:24 pm, Sat Apr 28, 2012.

As opening nears, farmers market organizers, vendors meet



Montrose Daily Press


Montrose Farmers Market organizers and approximately 20 vendors met Saturday at Centennial Plaza to discuss the details of the 2012 season, which is just a couple of weeks away.

The market will be held every Saturday beginning May 12 from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Centennial Plaza on South First Street and Cascade Avenue. Beginning in June, the market also be open on Wednesdays from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. More than 30 vendors are expected to participate.

The market began in the late seventies. Two of the vendors, Pamela Friend and Skeeter Chamberlain, have been involved with the event since its inception.

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Ribbun to Provide Profile Links

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Jaipur, Rajasthan — (SBWIRE) — 04/28/2012 — Ribbun, a rapidly growing SEO and SMO firm that provides several services to improve its clients’ web presence, will now offer its own high-quality profile link building service.

The newly launched profile link building service offered by Ribbun will basically involve creating profile links toward a website on selected networking websites, forums, and other social media websites. This SEO strategy has gained prominence only in recent times according to Ribbun spokesperson Mr. Mohit. He said, “In the last few years, profile link building has proven useful for several website owners. This particular SEO strategy allows you to create a high number of back links to a website, but it also ensures that the back links created are of high authority. However, this service has been used for spamming purposes as well in recent times, which is why it is important that you choose the right service for your needs.”

Ribbun’s profile link building service is a part of the company’s larger link building service, for which it has already gained immense popularity. The company is, in fact, the number one link building service provider across several countries, including the United States, Germany, U.K., Spain, and Brazil.

Ribbun employs a 10-member team of SEO experts in order to build profile links for its clients. This team first conducts in-depth research on the highest quality forums for its clients. During this process, the company weighs several factors, including the relevance of the forum with respect to the industry that the client is part of, the number of visitors on the forum, and the authority power held by the forum website on search engines. Once the research is complete, the team then creates a profile manually and places an anchored link to the client website in the biography or signature of the profile.

While determining the link authority of the forum, Ribbun’s team of experts concentrates on the Alexa rank of the social networking website. A profile on a website with high Alexa rank ensures that the client receives high quality and targeted traffic. Since profile links are not indexed quickly, Ribbun speeds up the process by adding random bookmarks along with profile links.

About Ribbun
Ribbun is a well-known SEO firm that offers social media optimization services as well. The company was created with an aim of creating high-quality internet marketing services. All services are designed for 100 percent customer satisfaction as well as guaranteed results. The company uses the latest trends and technology in SEO to create brand awareness and provide its clients with a strong presence on the internet in the best possible manner.

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