Paid, Earned, Owned & Shared Media – What’s Your Online Marketing Media Mix?

In the Content Marketing Trilogy of Discovery, Consumption and Sharing, there are a mix of media types online marketers employ to facilitate the connection between brand information and consumers / buyers across the customer lifecycle relationship. Those media types are often characterized as Paid, Earned, Owned and Shared media.  What do those media types mean […]

5 Ways Salespeople Can Use Social Media to Grow Leads

One of the practical opportunities for companies that acquire and engage customers through a sales force, is through social media content and participation.  In fact, many corporate marketing departments have found their field sales reps active on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even YouTube before headquarters has.  Such “rogue” social media activity might be […]

Social Media Marketing Expertise: Master the Half Pipe, Master of None

This is the second of my “workation” blog posts this week, so I hope you enjoy the brevity. My oldest son is a relatively new fan of skateboarding and I’ve noticed some interesting comparisons with his advancement of skills to the experience of many social media marketers – or any new discipline for that matter. […]

How SEO Can Work With Content Strategy

Recently I spoke with Content Strategist, Margot Bloomstein, who was conducting research for an upcoming publication about Content Strategy intended for a variety of audiences. In particular, we discussed productive interactions and exchanges between Search Engine Optimization professionals and Content Strategists. Organizations advance their reach and engagement goals through content and Strategists work to audit, […]

Fixed & Dynamic Keyword Lists for Content Marketing: It’s NOT Either Or

Bringing insights about content marketing to light often involves the importance of understanding what topics and pain points customers care about. Creating content for business communications with customers, peers, employees and the industry is an essential part of doing business. Creating content alone isn’t enough to ensure intended audiences will read it, so researching search […]

Big Business Blogging, The Right Way #IntelSMP

At Intel’s first Social Media Conference in Portland this week, 100+ Intel social media practitioners from all over the world came together with about 20 industry subject matter experts to share and engage social media best practices. One of those speakers was Lionel Menchaca, the Chief Blogger at Dell and a real pioneer in the world of […]

Content, Social & SEO Lead Customers to Great Experiences

My friend Bob Knorpp has a good piece on AdAge this week:”Why Marketers Should Break Free of the Digital Content Trap” about the fallacy of content. He makes some good points about companies going through the motions of creating and promoting content on social channels with motivations of retweets, likes, shares and links over real […]