Driving Social Media & Customer Acquisition Throughout the Customer Lifecycle

I received an invite to CrowdFactory’s “Driving Social Media & Customer Acquisition Throughout the Customer Lifecycle” webinar yesterday with Jeremiah Owyang from Altimeter Group and  Sanjay Dholakia, CEO of CrowdFactory and decided to liveblog it. Jeremiah has pioneered a lot of the social media thinking found in progressive companies today and his blog, Web Strategist, is […]

Optimize & Socialize: Social Media SEO Tips For Large Organizations

With nearly 50% of consumers reporting that both search and social media influence purchases, Social Media and SEO are hot topics for most online marketing firms. But there’s a world of difference between the notions of social dominance, super-powered with search ubiquity and the ability to successfully implement – especially in large companies. One of the […]

Latest Tweets from Click4SEO

Due to overwhelming spam, the clickforseoblog twitter account has been removed and a new twitter account willl be set up asap. Meanwhile, here are some of the latest posts from click4seo: @click4seo Stephen DaviesUseful twitter tool http://t.co/WgIejNI Free SEO Tools http://t.co/EA3v490 2 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto @click4seoStephen DaviesRapidly publish Google-friendly, fast-loading, high-ranking websites[…]

8 Social SEO Questions Public Relations Pros Need the Answers To

In the course of providing expertise and advice, I’ve really come to believe that it’s more important now than ever for Public Relations professionals to accelerate their knowledge of SEO and Social Media. The storytelling business is a competitive one and great messaging isn’t realized until it connects with influencers and those in a position […]

Effective Use of Keywords in Content Marketing

I recently had an interesting discussion with Ron Jones who is writing a book specifically on using keywords for online marketing called “Keyword Intelligence“. He was researching for the content marketing portion of the book and we talked about where keywords fit. These kinds of discussions are great for blog posts so here are a […]

How To Get Backlinks: 3000+ Backlinks FREE!

“The FREE Backlink System” that’s what Jonathan calls it: http://www.digiresults.com/aff/434/4443 This VERY SHORT and REFRESHING video course will show you how to get backlinks and build 3000+ backlinks to your site for FREE! You won’t need to buy any software and you surely do NOT need to spend a lot of time in creating those[…]

SES Toronto: Competitive SEO Analysis

Really, truly understanding the competitive landscape can help pave the way for a successful search engine marketing program. Chris Boggs led a panel discussion at SES Toronto on Competitive Analysis – What tips and tools can get you the vital competitive information that every SEO needs. According to Boggs, “Competitive analysis is one of the […]