Why Choose Click For SEO?

First Consider These Points:

Your business needs to be found on Google or from press releases and blog posts, or from Google ads or social media discussions.

One way or the other, it must happen. If your site is not showing for your local search terms, you are losing a lot of business to a competitor. If you are not showing up for various high traffic buying keywords used to find products such as your range of products, someone else is grabbing your share.

Here are your benefits gained from using the search engine optimisation and seo services advertised here.

**** Increase your web site targeted traffic and social signals!

**** Increase conversions through your mailing lists from gaining targeted visitors!

**** Create a lifetime stream of traffic to your site from permanent anchor keyword targeted links!

Are you taking steps to ensure that your site receives the maximum amount of traffic?
If not, competitors whom are utilising the best marketing methods online to gain exposure for their products are ahead of you in online sale conversions!


Local SEO

Forgetting to optimise your site for your local community is like having a shop on the local high street with boarded up windows. My Local Listing services will target your local customers by increasing the local SEO strength of your site for terms such as Logo Design Leeds, IT Recruitment York, Computer Repairs Swansea, Plumber Cardiff.

Local SEO plans also exist for towns across England and Scotland, and US and Australian towns and cities, ask me today about your local SEO targeting plan.


Is your site ranked high on search engines for search phrases related to your site? Is your site receiving a steady flow of monthly traffic? Is your traffic converting into sales – if not, why?

Are you on a tight budget? If so, I will direct you to a choice of budget based cost effective search engine optimisation and seo services involving organic content marketing methods and not expensive PPC campaigns.


Here is a rundown on the services that will help your Content Development and Web Marketing campaigns. Most of these can be found from our SEO packages pages, take a look to see what is covered. You can customise a plan if the quick gigs and low fee monthly SEO services are not enough, and order ClickForTraffic which is my monthly plan for dedicated hours, and customised SEO tasks.